Shape Shooter Unblocked

Shape Shooter

Shape Shooter Unblocked

Shape Shooter Unblocked is a very fun action game. Move the arrow to shoot the circles and shapes falling from above. Explore an amazing electronic world with different playing levels. Destroy all the squares and circles and get the highest score. Challenge yourself in each round to get the highest points. This game includes an elegant user interface and addictive gameplay.

About Shape Shooter

Shape Shooter Unblocked is one of the shooting games that will bring you a lot of fun. The world of games is full of different ideas presented by designers every day. Although the most popular games include high technology, high quality, and many details within the gameplay. But there are some simple games with easy ideas that can outperform higher-quality action games. One of the most prominent of these games is Shape Shooter.

The game features a simple and smooth design and interesting and fun gameplay. At the same time, you will explore many different levels of play. The challenges will also become more difficult as time passes and you will explore more different playing environments. Your main task is to shoot the falling geometric shapes.

Moreover, get upgrades and power-ups. When you level up, you get a new look. Shoot and capture green shapes to upgrade your character with new items like Freeze and Shotgun for maximum effect. Move around the neon lit arena smashing enemy shapes and picking up points. Shape Shooter has been developed by Pikmer. Nowadays, you can easily play online.

How To Play Shape Shooter?

All you have to do is move your mouse to shoot the squares, circles, and different shapes in the amazing neon world. Muster your focus, get upgrades, and collect new items to double your power. Don’t forget to raise your level and improve your character in every new challenge. Unlock new skins and enjoy an amazing world like Tron.


  • Great shooting game.
  • An amazing world to explore.
  • Get upgrades.
  • Unlock new weapons and shapes.
  • Beautiful effects.
  • 3D graphics.



Release Date

June 2022


  1. Mouse to move around.
  2. Left-click to use the skill.
  3. Right-click to pause.

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