Time Shooter Unblocked

Time Shooter

Time Shooter Unblocked

Time Shooter Unblocked is an exciting FPS game. Shoot your orange enemies and smash them to the last man. Use maneuvers and gestures to aim and hide. Enjoy the slow-motion effects while moving and shooting. Blow up all objects in your path. Switch between a variety of powerful weapons and rifles. This game includes innovative gameplay and amazing 3D graphics.

About Time Shooter

Time Shooter Online is a first-person shooting challenge. You are about to play the role of the leader to confront a group of orange creatures that want to attack you. There will be no one but you on the battlefield. Therefore, you must be more flexible and skilled to destroy your pretenses. The tide does not stop, and you need to change your strategy in every situation in order not to lose. Try to survive to the end of each challenge, develop your weapons, and raise the level of play.

This game includes many weapons, guns, and other tools that you will use to defend yourself. Even though you have played a lot of FPS games before. But Time Shooter includes a creative game and a very interesting style of play. In addition to dynamic effects and slow motion during shooting. Not only that, but the game includes new parts of this series. So you will never get bored of playing and you will explore new missions every day.

Also, go to mysterious places with unusual colors and interesting worlds. In addition, the characters in this game are unfamiliar, and are distinguished by their orange color, as if they were aliens or zombies. Time Shooter was developed by GoGoMan. Also, this game is available on the browser and you can play it online.

How To Play Time Shooter?

Use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move in all directions. At the same time, use the mouse to aim, shoot, and explore aspects of the battlefield. Other than that, it depends on your strategy in managing each battle. The tide of enemies does not stop throughout the mission.

Therefore, you must be faster and more flexible while playing. Also, search for stronger guns and use currencies to upgrade weapons and raise the level of play. Get ready to explore more difficult levels over time and enjoy your time.

Time Shooter Advantages


Time Shooter includes a group of unique and mysterious creatures and characters. It includes characters in the game in orange with a strange movement as if they came from an unfamiliar world. Just like zombies and aliens.


One of the most important features of the game is the weapon system. Since you must choose the appropriate rifle in every situation. Because sometimes large numbers of enemies will come to you at the same time. For example, use automatic rifles, pistols, assault rifles, and even hammers and axes.


Explore an unfamiliar world with stunning graphics and creative design. The characters are distinguished by the color orange in a world that is predominantly white. In addition to 3D graphics and slow-motion effects during destruction and shooting.


  • Epic shooting game.
  • Creative playing style.
  • Unique characters.
  • Mysterious battlefields.
  • Powerful weapons.
  • Amazing graphics.
  • Slow motion effects.



Release Date

March 2021


  1. WASD or arrow keys to move.
  2. Left-click to shoot.
  3. Right-click to throw the weapon.
  4. Left-click to pick up the weapon.
  5. F button to pick up.

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