Doom 3 Unblocked

Doom 3

Doom 3 Unblocked

Doom 3 Unblocked is a very exciting survival game. Embark on an epic adventure on Mars, only to encounter a group of demons and zombies. Shoot the monsters and mysterious creatures around you and try to close the gate to hell.
There is an arsenal of guns and weapons to switch between. Level up skills, upgrade abilities, and explore new places. Try to survive every attack and eliminate all monsters in every mission. This game includes 3D graphics and attractive and frightening effects while playing.

About Doom 3

Doom 3 Online is one of those horror games that will send adrenaline through your veins. Shooting and survival games are among the most popular games on all operating systems. So if you want to go on an immersive mission on one of the planets. Then immerse yourself in this game and start the campaign. The plot revolves around a scientific organization called UAC. Which works in research outside the scope of legal activities. It aims to explore other planets, develop biological weapons, and other activities.

This organization has just launched a project called “Hydrocon” to explore Mars. But it won’t be that easy. Where, due to a mistake, the gate to hell opened and monsters and terrifying creatures came out. So your legendary journey will begin from here. Where you will play the role of the hero who will face this hell. Complete the missions, eliminate all zombies and demons, and protect the world from this evil.

This game is based on science fiction style. So you will enjoy an exciting game, and you will be addicted to playing every day. Shoot malicious monsters, complete challenges, develop weapons, and explore places no one has reached before. Doom 3 was developed by id Software. You do not need to download the game to enjoy this adventure. Where you can easily play online through your browser.

How To Play Doom 3?

You will not need a specific skill or a long time to master playing skills. Doom 3 includes control options familiar to all fans of FPS games. You will use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move. Plus the mouse to aim and shoot. Otherwise, it depends on skills in shooting, aiming, gestures, and maneuvers. Also, this game includes main game modes. In each mission, you will be attacked by zombies and terrifying villains. Continue the journey, eliminate evil from the island, and protect the world.

Doom 3 Advandtes

Sci-fi Adventure

You are about to embark on a legendary journey into the depths of space to confront the danger threatening planet Earth. Where the gates of hell were opened and the hateful monsters came out. So you will start the campaign, carry your weapon, and set out to destroy the zombies and terrifying creatures on Mars.

Complete The Missions

In each challenge, you will be assigned a new mission to eliminate demons. But remember that after each mission, the difficulty of the challenge will increase. Therefore, upgrade your abilities, develop weapons, and practice survival skills in order to complete your journey to the end.


There is a group of powerful weapons and advanced rifles that you will use in this battle. For example, you will use machine guns, grenade launchers, laser rifles, assault rifles, and other equipment and weapons.


The graphics are designed in an amazing creative style. The gameplay includes terrifying audio and visual effects that are appropriate for the atmosphere of the game. In addition to 3D graphics and flexibility while moving and shooting.


  • Epic FPS game.
  • Fight against zombies and monsters.
  • Eliminate evil demons.
  • Close the gate to hell.
  • Complete the missions.
  • Advanced weapons.
  • 3D graphics.
  • Amazing effects.

Release Date

August 3, 2004


id Software


  1. Arrow keys or WASD to move.
  2. Left click to interact or shoot.
  3. Tab to open PDA.

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