Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter Unblocked

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter Unblocked

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter Unblocked is an epic shooting game. Get ready to immerse yourself in an exciting journey to save the galaxy from the invasion of aliens. Sit in the cockpit of a spaceship and shoot swarms of enemies falling from everywhere. At the same time, avoid falling celestial bodies and weapons to survive. Collect power-ups, upgrade weapons, and explore many difficult levels.

About Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter Online is one of the space games that will bring you a lot of fun. Space games are entertaining games that many people of all ages love. As you explore an amazing world of bodies, stars, and planets. In addition to epic challenges to complete and many activities that you can do. If you want to live this adventure yourself, you can play Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter.

The game revolves around a group of criminal organizations in outer space. Which send waves of enemies and aliens to destroy life in the universe. So your mission will be to play the role of the savior and protect the world from this evil. Fly through the vast space and fire machine guns at your enemies’ spaceships to distinguish them. Blow up everything and get rewards and boosters.

At the same time, you must avoid explosions, rocks, celestial bodies, and weapons in order not to lose. At first, it will be fun and easy. But when you advance to higher levels, you will explore very difficult levels that require more focus. There are 120 different levels waiting for you. The game was developed by 1SOFT. Now enjoy playing online through your browser and get the best experience.

How To Play Alien Shooter?

Use the keyboard arrows to move around the screen, and avoid the fire coming from your enemies. Press the space bar to launch a hail of bullets using the cannons installed on the sides of your spacecraft. Pick up falling power-ups to upgrade your weapons. At the same time, avoid obstacles and explosives in order not to be destroyed. The more you advance, the more difficult levels and unparalleled challenges you will move to.


  • A fun shooting game.
  • 120 levels.
  • Complete the missions.
  • Protect space.
  • Great graphics.
  • Easy control options.




Use the arrow keys to move, while you can use the space bar to shoot.

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