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Grow Island
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Grow Island

Grow Island Unblocked

Grow Island Unblocked is one of the fun and unique puzzle games. Where you can create a small island yourself by arranging icons and creating houses, agricultural lands, buildings, and other facilities. In each level, you can add new items and watch them grow to form the final appearance of the island.

Also, at the end of each mission, you will either succeed or fail. Therefore, use your strategy to arrange the icons in each mission so that you can win. This game includes great graphics and an amazing world that you can explore. Play Grow Island online through our website and enjoy the best experience.

About Grow Island

Grow Island Online is a fun and entertaining adventure game that will bring you a lot of enjoyment. Construction games are considered one of the basic types of games that many players from all over the world love. Where you can unleash your imagination, create your own world, and manage your kingdom. But how about enjoying a game that includes building and puzzle elements in the same game! Yes, through Grow Island Max Level you can live this unique experience.

Where you can explore different playing levels and arrange icons with the different items that you have to place on the island. You must click on the icons in the correct order. If you can make the level of all the panels to the maximum, you can win. Grow Islands was developed by EYEZMAZE, and the game was published in 2013. Currently, the game is available in HTML 5 format and you can play through your browser online easily.

Also, this game is supported by many different operating systems. There are many methods you can choose from to build your island. For example, choose between architecture, computer science, applied chemistry, civil engineering, and other items to place on the island. Use your strategy to build your kingdom and get ready to embark on this wonderful adventure.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Grow Island Online?

You will not need a lot of time to master playing Grow Island Order. The control options in this game are very easy. Use the mouse to click on the icons at the bottom of the screen. So you can place different items and equipment in their specific places on the island and see them grow. Each player can use his own style to build the island and complete levels. Moreover, you can apply your strategy to get the maximum of all items in each mission.


  • A wonderful and entertaining building game.
  • Arrange the elements and icons.
  • Explore different game levels.
  • Get the maximum for each level.
  • Use your building strategy.
  • Easy control options.
  • Great cartoon graphics.

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