Letters Boxed Unblocked
Letters Boxed
Letters Boxed Unblocked

Letters Boxed

Letters Boxed Unblocked

Letters Boxed Unblocked is a very fun quiz game. Solve the puzzle, search for words, complete missions, and move on to more difficult levels. Connect your mental skills to find the largest number of words on the grid using the fewest letters possible. This game includes a new and interesting playing style for puzzle games. In addition to an intuitive user interface and a very entertaining gameplay.

About Letters Boxed

Letters Boxed Online is one of the puzzle games that will bring you a lot of fun while playing. Choose your mental skills in searching letters and extracting words through the letters that you will select. Connect letters, find more words, and complete all challenges. This type of game helps you improve your mental abilities and expand your cultural circle.

Moreover, you will have a fun and exciting time while searching for words in the more difficult levels. Because you will gradually move to more difficult challenges the number of words that you will select at the beginning of the game will decrease to 3 instead of 5.

However, this will make you feel challenged and desire to solve all the puzzles. Boxed Letters was developed by Sam Ezersky. Plus, this game was published in 2019 with HTML 5 version. Many platforms support online play through your browser. So you can enjoy playing directly through the browser without downloading.

How To Play?

If you are familiar with word games and puzzles of this type. Then Boxed Letters will be much familiar to you. Players are given a square with three letters on each side, which equates to 12 letters. Your task is to connect letters to form words of at least three letters. All letters must be used in the least number of words. The first letter of each new word must also become the last letter of the previous word. Usually, select 5 words at the easy level and it can gradually reduce to less than that.


  • Amazing quiz game.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • New style.
  • Complete the missions.
  • Difficult levels.
  • Familiar control options.


Use the mouse and keyboard to play.

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