Penalty Kicks Unblocked
Penalty Kicks
Penalty Kicks Unblocked

Penalty Kicks

Penalty Kicks Unblocked

Penalty Kicks Unblocked is the most exciting football game. Kick the ball from the penalty mark and try to score legendary goals to give your team victory. Challenge teams from all over the world and master your own style of kicking the ball professionally. 1 vs 1 games or single-player mode vs computer. This game includes realistic details, 3D graphics, and amazing gameplay. Start the match online through our website and enjoy your time.

About Penalty Kicks Game

Penalty Kicks Online is one of the sports games that will bring you a lot of fun. Most people’s passion increases while playing or watching football. As it is the most popular game all over the world. Therefore, you will find many games that are preferred by hundreds of millions around the world and that simulate this wonderful game.

But today we will not play football in its true form. But you will enjoy the penalty kicks. Therefore, practice your skills in kicking or blocking the ball to win over all your competitors. Penalty Kick was recently published in HTML 5 format so you can easily play online through your browser.

Practice kicking the ball powerfully and accurately to score goals. Determine the place you want to go and direct the player towards the ball at the appropriate time to score the hit. When you start playing, you can select your team and watch the instructions to know what you should do. Gradually unlock new leagues, more powerful teams, and score more penalty kicks.

How To Play?

If it is your first time playing Penalty Kick, you can practice your style and skills to master new tricks and abilities for playing penalty kicks. However, the game includes very easy control options. Create a new style for each kick and learn about the game mechanics and appropriate shooting angles. Don’t forget to train the goalkeeper on expectations and click on the control options for the appropriate timing to block different balls. Also, control the camera angles to get the best view while playing.


  • Perfect soccer game.
  • Epic penalty kicks.
  • Many teams and teams.
  • Realistic effects.
  • Unique skills.
  • Different shooting angles.
  • Real stadiums.
  • Amazing graphics.


Use the mouse and keyboard to play.

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