pointer unblocked


Pointer Unblocked

Pointer Unblocked is a very fun classic game. Move the point from the beginning of the path to the end without colliding with the walls. Test your concentration skills to overcome all the challenges. Explore more difficult levels and enjoy your time while playing. This game includes a very simple user interface and an entertaining and interesting gameplay.

Introduce Pointer Game

Pointer Online is one of the puzzle games that you will love to try. Sometimes puzzle games are vast and include different rules, challenges, and main goals. But sometimes there are games with a classic nature and a simple game idea. Despite that, millions love it and it always makes them addicted to playing. Pointer Game is one of these games.

The game includes a small point inside a winding corridor, and your main task is to move the point using the mouse from beginning S to end E. It will be fun and easy at first. But gradually you will move to more difficult levels and you will fail many times. Over time, you will master concentration and you will be able to pass more levels. Get the highest points, challenge yourself in every task, and break records.

How To Play?

As we mentioned above, the game is simple and does not require a lot of time to master the game. All you have to do is move the mouse from point S to the end of the path at point E. But remember that the path becomes more winding and difficult with time. Start the challenge now to see how far you can get.


  • Classic arcade game.
  • Seamless gameplay.
  • Lots of levels.
  • Easy control gears.
  • Break records.


Use the mouse to play.

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