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Wheely 3 Unblocked

Wheely 3 Unblocked is a very exciting and entertaining puzzle game. Enjoy a new adventure in this amazing puzzle game by driving your wonderful car to overcome obstacles and difficult situations and achieve victory. Explore the game’s different levels, wonderful scenery, and different playing environments.

Use your concentration and intelligence to solve all the puzzles and get the highest ratings. This game includes high-quality graphics, interactive gameplay, and attractive effects. In addition to control options that are familiar to all players through some instructions from the game system. Play Wheely 3 online now and enjoy the best experience.

About Wheely 3

Wheely 3 Online is one of the wonderful car games and a new part of the famous Willie series of games. There is no doubt that this basket of games is considered one of the best puzzle games that include a wonderful and different idea in every new part in the series. As you enjoy a new adventure when you play any new part of the game. In addition, there are many levels that require concentration and puzzles that must be solved in order to be able to reach your goal in each game.

So get ready to embark on a new, eventful mission on Wheely 3. The game was developed by Pegas Games and this part was published in 2014. But the game is also available using HTML 5 technology and you can easily play online through your browser. The plot of this part revolves around Wheely and Jolie. They are already married and now Jolie is looking for a new tire for the car’s rear wheel.

Also, Willy is always keen to get the best for his wife. So you will lead them on an exciting tire-hunting adventure. But it won’t be easy! Where you must overcome obstacles, solve puzzles, and cross difficult situations to achieve victory. Complete the tasks and get the highest score. Enjoy each challenge and try to pass each level separately to succeed in the mission.

How To Play Wheely 3 Online?

The control options within the game are very intuitive and may be familiar to many players, especially those who play the other parts of this series. Where you can use the mouse to click on the items and options on the screen to solve the puzzle. There are many obstacles that hinder the car from moving forward. So use your skills to solve the puzzle, cross the level, and move on to a new mission. Gradually, the difficulty of the challenge will increase, which will bring you more enthusiasm while playing. So get ready to pass all levels and win the new challenge on Wheely 3.


  • The puzzle game is very fun.
  • A new adventure.
  • 12 levels.
  • New places.
  • 3D design.
  • High-quality graphics.
  • Easy control options.

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