Shopping Cart Hero Unblocked

Shopping Cart Hero

Shopping Cart Hero Unblocked

Shopping Cart Hero Unblocked is a unique and fun arcade game. Use the shopping cart to slide down hills and mountain roads to get the highest score. You will descend from a curved track that allows you to push the car upwards to break records.

Try to boost with maximum power to make the longest jump and do all kinds of tricks and flips in the air. Get points and money and use them to buy upgrades. This game includes comedic graphics and very fun gameplay. Enjoy this adventure through our website and get the best experience.

Introduce Shopping Cart Hero

Shopping Cart Hero Online is one of the stick man games that will bring you a lot of fun. The Stick Man character is considered one of the most famous game characters familiar to millions of players. This time you will ride one of the marketing vehicles to move from the top of the mountains and slopes and fly to the clouds to get the highest score. The game was developed by Monkey Want Banana.

This game is supported by many platforms and operating systems and is available on the web browser so you can enjoy playing online. Your main task is to slide from bottom to top to fly in the sky and get to the highest point. Challenge yourself every time to get a higher score. Collect rewards and use them to upgrade your vehicle. Enjoy this challenge and start playing now.

How To Play?

When the game starts, you will click on “Run” button to launch the cart from the top of the mountain. After that, you can use the arrow keys to perform tricks, run, and jump. The higher scores you get, the more rewards you get. Use rewards for upgrades, buy fancy clothes or get better vehicles and work hard to progress further. Start playing now and break records.


  • A very entertaining arcade game.
  • Slide down the mountain.
  • Perform tricks and movements.
  • Get the highest rates.
  • Get upgrades.
  • Great graphics.
  • Easy control options.


To perform tricks, jump, and run, you can use the arrow keys.

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