Rage Unblocked


Rage Unblocked

Rage Unblocked is an epic action game. Unleash your rage and eliminate all your enemies along the way. Use swords, firesticks, and your special skills to blow up everything in your path. Jump, slide, and climb ropes and ladders to reach your goal. Explore forests, deserts, and buildings. Face bosses, eliminate them, and get the highest points. Enjoy great cartoon graphics and epic gameplay.

Introduce Rage Game

Rage Online is one of the great adventure games that you will love to try. Get ready to immerse yourself in an exciting journey with the first part of this series. The story revolves around the famous Stickman character. A specific goal is set in each mission to reach it. But it will not be easy! It requires some skill and strength to face other Stickman armies. At the end of each level, you will face one of the monsters or bosses.

Not only that, but you will explore wonderful places and different game environments. Moreover, you will interact with many different elements around you. The Stickman character has amazing skills and superpowers. For example, breathe fire, spin very fast, and jump high distances. Climb mountains and paths, and interact with ropes, trees, and ladders to advance further.

After completing every mission, you will get money and rewards. Use your money to buy weapons and constantly develop your skills. Gradually, your enemies will become stronger, so invent new ways to confront your enemies. Play with fire, stones, and swords, and explore epic events on your journey. There are 2 main game modes to choose from before starting the game.


Rage has 2 main game modes. For example, Arcade mode, where you can face and defeat endless waves of Stickman armies. In addition to Adventure mode, where you can immerse yourself in a long journey of difficult levels, confront bosses, and explore new worlds.

How To Play Rage?

Using the arrow keys, you can move everywhere with the side-scrolling style. As well as some other main buttons that we will mention below in detail. But it depends on your abilities and skills in controlling the character. If your mission fails, do not despair! Start over and learn from the gaps and mistakes. Develop your skills constantly to be able to face the evil force, bosses, and powerful monsters.


  • A fun arcade game.
  • Epic gameplay.
  • 2 game modes.
  • Super weapons.
  • Cartoon graphics.
  • Amazing worlds.




  1. Arrow keys: Move and jump.
  2. W: Check weapon inventory.
  3. S: Kick.
  4. A: Punch.
  5. D: Dodge roll.
  6. E: Shoot guns.
  7. X: Drop item.
  8. C: Rage blast.
  9. Z: Pause.

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