Duck Life 8 Unblocked

Duck Life 8: Adventure

Duck Life 8 Unblocked

Duck Life 8 Unblocked is a very fun action game. Enjoy the new part of this wonderful series and immerse yourself in a new adventure. Race against other ducks, train your skills, search for treasures, and explore new places. Collect rewards, customize ducks, and unlock new breeds. Complete 25 new missions that include many exciting challenges. As usual, you will enjoy the wonderful graphics, attractive effects, and the magical world around you while playing.

About Duck Life 8: Adventure

Duck Life 8 Online is one of the adventure games that millions of players around the world love. Here we have reached part 8 of this wonderful series of duck racing. The game has gained wide fame and achieved many successes. Duck Life has become one of the most popular games on Android, iOS, and other platforms. The game revolves around a group of unique ducks. You will train one of the ducks on running, swimming, flying, and fighting skills.

After that, you will immerse yourself in epic challenges and battles against your opponents to defeat them. Not only that, there are 80 different games to train on and raise your level. Also explore 60 new racing tracks, and 25 powerful weapons to destroy your enemies in combat battles. Train your strength to improve your attack power and health to increase your hit points and jump to gain the ability to dodge attacks.

Don’t forget to buy upgrades and unlock more skins such as costumes, hats, and clothes. You are about to explore an amazing world full of challenges and exciting adventures that you will not get bored of. Duck Life Adventure was developed by the creative Wix Games. Also, this game is available online like the rest of the previous parts of the series. So that you can enjoy playing through your browser anytime and anywhere.

Duck Life 8 Advantages

Duck Races

Enjoy unparalleled challenges in the wonderful world of ducks. Train new skills and apply them in epic duck races. These races are running, swimming, flying, or even fighting using weapons. There are many missions waiting for you to complete.

Complete The Missions

There are 25 different missions in this exciting part. Where you will lead a group of ducks to complete many challenges and more difficult levels. For example, collect oysters, steal diamonds, explore islands, win races, battles, and many other challenges.


One of the most important options that allows you to customize many options while playing. Where you can choose your name and customize clothes and fashions with 75 skins, hats, and accessories. In addition to the training mode to upgrade your equipment and raise the skill level.

Wonderful Graphics

Immerse yourself in this wonderful world with attractive cartoon graphics. The game features a three-dimensional design. Plus, wonderful game effects will make you addicted to playing every day. As the game features smooth gameplay and familiar control options for everyone.

How To Play Duck Life 8?

Unleash your imagination to enjoy a new and very exciting adventure in the world of ducks. When you start playing, you can set your name and choose an avatar. Also, determine your skills and train new methods through the training mode. There are 5 main game modes to switch between. Control options are represented by arrow keys and a spacebar. But it depends on your style of managing the game.


  • Amazing entertainment game.
  • 75 skins and hats.
  • 5 game modes.
  • 25 missions to complete.
  • 25 new weapons.
  • Enchanting worlds.
  • 3D graphics.


Wix Games


  1. WASD, Arrow keys to move.
  2. Space bar to interact.

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