Scary Teacher 3D Unblocked

Scary Teacher 3D

Scary Teacher 3D Unblocked

Scary Teacher 3D Unblocked is a very interesting adventure game. Get ready for an escape journey from the scary teacher’s house. Interact with everything around you to release the pets and try not to get caught by the teacher. Explore the mysterious rooms and the basement and take advantage of any of the elements around you. Immerse yourself in 3D graphics, including scary game effects, and suitable for the atmosphere of the game.

Introduce Scary Teacher 3D

Scary Teacher 3D Online is one of the horror games that will bring you a lot of fun. The story revolves around an evil and very hostile teacher in high school. This scary teacher threatens children and physically punishes and tortures them. Unfortunately, this woman moved to a house nearby, and one day you woke up and found yourself inside this mysterious house.

Which includes many rooms and floors. Everywhere there are followers of the evil teacher, monsters, and scary creatures. Which will be released around the house to catch you. So you will begin your mission to survive, and try to find an escape from this nightmare. Not only that, but some children and other pets have been held captive in different rooms in this mansion.

Accordingly, you will be assigned missions to release the hostages and save your life. Complete all the challenges and move to more difficult levels as time passes. Use tools and items to overcome difficult situations. Explore the secrets of 15 different rooms. Moreover, there is a surprise in the basement if you manage to get there.

If you are ready, start this scary adventure now and complete all the missions to escape this predicament. Scary Teacher 3D was developed by “Z&K Global”. Also, this game has been published on many platforms, including WebGL-HTML5 so that you can enjoy playing through your browser.

How To Play Scary Teacher 3D Online?

Explore the terrifying rooms and try to escape from this scary house. Try to stay as long as possible to complete the missions. Interact with everything around you and bring tools to craft weapons. Search for items that will help you solve puzzles. Explore different floors to free hostages and pets. Confront the evil teacher’s followers and try not to get caught.

Scary Teacher 3D Advantages

Epic Survival Mission

The challenge will not be easy, and you will need to focus during every movement and reaction to survive in this terrifying house. Your movements will be monitored by the evil teacher’s followers. So be careful not to make any noise that may cost you your life.

Complete The Challenges

The main mission in Scary Teacher 3D is to try to escape from this scary house. Not only that, but you will be assigned other roles to rescue the hostages, and do some other tasks. Don’t forget that the challenge gets more difficult with time.

Explore Rooms

There are 15 mysterious rooms on different floors of the house. In each room there are some secrets and puzzles to solve. So you must take advantage of everything, and interact with everything around you to know what you should do on each floor and room.


When you start playing, adrenaline will rush through your veins. You will forget the world around you and your focus on this terrifying adventure will be drained. The game includes amazing effects, 3D graphics, and many different designs.


  • Scary survival game.
  • Escape from the mysterious house.
  • Many floors.
  • 15 rooms.
  • Complete the challenges.
  • Interact with everything around you.
  • 3D graphics.


Z&K Global

Release Date

June 15, 2017


Use the mouse and keyboard to play.

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