The Mage Unblocked
The Mage
The Mage Unblocked

The Mage

The Mage Unblocked

The Mage Unblocked is a magical and fun puzzle game. Explore a mysterious world full of conspiracies and use your magic to possess another body in order to save the king from an assassination plot. Use your skills in double jumping, climbing, and wall jumping to overcome traps and difficult situations. Explore more difficult game levels and complete challenges. This game includes wonderful effects, high-quality graphics, and very interesting gameplay.

About The Mage

The Mage Online is one of the adventure games that will lead you to exciting challenges. Conspiracy games are considered one of the most successful games among players. Such games often include an interesting plot and lots of events and missions to complete. This makes you enjoy something new every day. Although The Mage is a simple puzzle game.

But you will enjoy an exceptional experience while embarking on adventures, overcoming obstacles, and reaching very difficult levels. The game was developed by Gabriel Bissonnette. As well as this game was published in March 2022. Also, it’s available online in HTML 5 format. Plus support for many other platforms. The game’s events revolve around an assassination plot being planned to overthrow a king.

So you will discover new magical abilities with which you can save the kingdom. In each challenge you will find some obstacles that must be overcome. There are skills of jumping, sliding, using ropes, and other abilities to complete the levels. Gradually the task will become more difficult and you will move to difficult and exciting challenges.

How To Play?

The control options in this game are very intuitive. It also includes a smooth The Mage gameplay that does not require a lot of experience. You will be helped by some instructions from the game system so that you know what you should do. The basic keys for the ADWRE game, and we will explain below the function of each button in detail.


  • Interesting puzzle game.
  • An interesting and mysterious world.
  • Complete the challenges.
  • Save the king.
  • Difficult levels.
  • High-quality graphics.


  • Left arrow key or A to move left.
  • Right arrow key or D to move right.
  • Up arrow key or space to jump.
  • Left-click or E to change the dimension.
  • R to restart.