Trollface Quest Horror Unblocked
Trollface Quest Horror
Trollface Quest Horror Unblocked

Trollface Quest Horror

Trollface Quest Horror Unblocked

Trollface Quest Horror Unblocked is a unique horror game. Complete missions, solve puzzles and interact with everything around you. Explore the most famous horror movie memes and indulge in unparalleled challenges. Get the puzzle and move to a new, more difficult level. Enjoy sound and visual effects, some of which are terrifying and others are very funny. With 3D graphics and very interesting gameplay. Try this exciting adventure through our website and get the best experience.

About Trollface Quest: Horror Game

Troll Face Quest Horror Online is one of the exciting puzzle games that you will love to play. Get ready to go on a very fun adventure with a lot of terrifying and funny events at the same time. The game includes many memes and famous terrifying characters from the world of cinema. In addition to an immersive journey full of puzzles that you must understand and solve. This type of game is a favorite among many players and is one of the most popular games on many systems.

Your main goal is to reveal the secret and solve the puzzle at each level. Will come across a lot of bloody funny pranks in more than one way. Encounter some strange things while moving through the different places of the game. Moreover, you will encounter a lot of different creatures such as white sharks, killer birds, scary dolls, and annoying evil spirits.

See sketches of famous movie scenes with different memes such as Saw, Scream, Anabel, Frankenstein, and Hanibal. If you are ready, you can start this adventure and explore more interesting events. Troll Face Quest Horror was developed by PPLLAAYY. Recently, the game has become supported by many platforms such as Android, iOS, and HTML 5. Along with playing online through your browser easily.

How To Play?

Explore a mysterious world full of secrets and mysteries. Use the mouse to click and interact with different items and things around you. Complete each mission and move to a new, more advanced level. If you fail to pass the level, replay the game again. You will never get tired of playing! Many challenges are waiting for you. The game includes wonderful graphics and effects, and easy and familiar gameplay for all players.


  • Interesting adventure game.
  • Complete the missions.
  • Interact with everything around you.
  • Popular memes.
  • Funny and terrifying effects.
  • 3D design.
  • Many locations.
  • Great interactive graphics.


Use the mouse to click on items and play.

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