Xor Unblocked


Xor Unblocked

Xor Unblocked is a great puzzle game. Fold different geometric shapes and transform them into a new shape by running, jumping, and crossing obstacles. Dash across platforms and bypass unexpected traps and obstacles. Solve the puzzle and create a new geometric shape of your creativity. Enjoy classic graphics and 2D gameplay with very easy control options.

About Xor Game

Xor Online is one of the arcade games that you will love to try. In previous decades, there were thousands of games of this type, which made a splash in the video game world. It served as the spark that gave light to developers to improve the techniques used in designing games.

Plus, raising the quality, plot, graphics, and other aspects. Despite this, there is still a large group of people who prefer these games and search for them constantly. As it is able to take you to wonderful memories that you experienced before in this era. If you are a fan of classic games, Xor will be very suitable for you.

Your main task is to solve puzzles, fold them, and form new shapes such as triangles, squares, circles, hexagons, and others. Gradually you will explore new levels and more difficult challenges. The game was published in 2021. Xor Game was developed by Alex Vi. Now the game is supported by many platforms such as mobile and HTML 5. Also, enjoy playing online easily without downloading.

How To Play Xor?

There are no difficult rules or complicated control options. All you have to do is transform geometric shapes into new shapes of your creativity. At the same time, you will solve the puzzle in each level to move on to a new challenge. You will also only use the mouse to play.


  • Great classic game.
  • Solve various puzzles.
  • Use your creativity to play.
  • 2D graphics.
  • Attractive effects.


Alex Vi

Release Date

January 2021


Use the mouse to play.