Advanced Pixel Apocalypse 3
Advanced Pixel Apocalypse 3
Advanced Pixel Apocalypse 3

Advanced Pixel Apocalypse 3

Advanced Pixel Apocalypse 3 Unblocked

Advanced Pixel Apocalypse 3 Unblocked is a very fun multiplayer shooting game. Explore the pixel world and use maneuvering and hiding skills to kill all your enemies in the arena. Explore buildings and mazes and search for items and reinforcements. There is a diverse arsenal of weapons, including light weapons such as an axe, baseball bat, knives, and daggers.

In addition to shooting rifles, machine guns, snipers, pistols, etc. This game includes various game modes that you can choose from. In addition to simple graphics, an amazing pixel world, and many places to explore. Play Advanced Pixel Apocalypse 3 online now through our website and start the epic battle.

About Advanced Pixel Apocalypse 3

Advanced Pixel Apocalypse 3 is one of the interesting first-person action games. At the present time, FPS games are considered one of the most popular games among players and one of the most popular games on various operating systems and game stores. The game includes real challenges of war, shooting, and epic battles against real opponents from all over the world. Perhaps this is the main attraction of such games. Although these games include enthusiastic gameplay, intense battles, and high-tech graphics design, control options, and other details.

Despite this, there are some simple shooting games with simple graphics, but at the same time, they are fun and worth trying. Advanced Pixel Apocalypse 3 is one of the most prominent of these games. The game was developed and published in 2017 by Mita Marian. This is the second part of the game after the first part met with great success. Not only that, but the game is supported by many platforms, and you can easily enjoy playing online through any modern web browser.

There are many epic battles waiting for you. Moreover, Advanced Pixel Apocalypse 3 includes different game modes such as Deathmatch mode and multiplayer mode. In addition to a variety of powerful rifles and weapons that you can use. Gather a team of players and go to any battlefield, search for your opponents everywhere, and shoot non-stop. Get rewards and money and get more upgrades and powerful weapons.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Advanced Pixel Apocalypse 3 Online?

Shooting games often include familiar control options that depend on your style and skills in such games. Therefore, you will find on Advanced Pixel Apocalypse 3 easy and intuitive control options that you can master in a short time. For example, use numbers from 1 to 9 to switch between weapons. And the R button to reload the weapon. In addition to the WASD keys or directional keys to move everywhere.

There are other simple control options that we will mention in detail below. Advanced Pixel Apocalypse 3 includes major game modes. Before the battle begins, select the game mode that is appropriate for you. Now you will embark on an epic adventure with intense battles.

When you find yourself in small quarrels, you can use items, easy tools, and light weapons. But if you are on a battlefield that includes many players. Then you can shoot from machine guns, rifles, and snipers. Defeat players from all over the world, get more achievements, and explore different playing places.

Advanced Pixel Apocalypse 3 Advantages

Intense, Epic FPS Battles

You are now about to immerse yourself in one of the epic wars and intense FPS battles against other players from around the world. Carry a weapon and advance toward your enemy’s locations and use maneuvering and shooting skills to destroy everything in your way. Also, you must avoid your enemies’ attacks in order to lose. In the end, whoever survives until the end of the battle will be the winner.


Weapons in this game are divided into two parts. The first section is light weapons, which include axes, knives, baseball bats, and daggers. In the second section, use powerful weapons such as rifles, machine guns, snipers, pistols, bombs, and other weapons.

Game Modes

There are main game modes you can choose from before the start of each battle. For example, playgroup deathmatch mode and try to survive until the end of the war. Not only that, but you can build your team of friends and indulge in fierce battles in multiplayer mode. To display your shooting skills against other players online.


This game does not include high-quality graphics or modern technologies. However, enjoy the simple pixel graphics that are loved by many. This game includes fun graphics and many worlds that you can explore. In addition to battlefields and new places.


  • Intense, fun battles.
  • Fight against players online.
  • Powerful arsenal of weapons.
  • Main game modes.
  • Pixel graphics.
  • Diverse worlds.
  • Easy control options.


  • WASD or arrow keys to move.
  • 1 to 9 to switch weapons.
  • Left click to shoot.
  • Space bar to jump.
  • Shift to sprint.
  • C to crouch.
  • Ctrl to prone.
  • R to reload.

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