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Age Of War

Age Of War Unblocked Online

Age Of War Unblocked is a fun strategy game to lead your armies in epic battles through the ages. In this game, you will feel like a real warrior. Protect your kingdom and castles from your enemies. Also, build your base and towers and attack the towers of others in order to prevent them from advancing on you. Organize ranks and form national forces to confront your opponents.

You will pass through 5 different eras that include a lot of fierce battles and conflicts. To stay in the game, you need to build enough units and towers to deflect pressure from your opponent, all while developing your home base. There are great graphics inside the game with beautiful effects and colors. Also, the control options are smooth and intuitive, and you can explore many levels of play. Play through any modern browser without ads and without downloading.

About Age Of War Unblocked

Age Of War Online is a wonderful tower defense game that will lead you to the epic battles of antiquity. There is no doubt that you are having a good time in strategy games, especially those in which you are a warrior or a knight and lead your army to confront the armies of enemies. Where these games allow you to use your war tactics and impose your own style to dominate the battlefield.

Based on this, you can achieve victories, obtain rewards, upgrade your forces, and expand your lands. If you want to live this experience, Age Of War is for you. The game was developed by Louissi, and this game includes very interesting and interesting gameplay. You must build a strong fortress and upgrade your towers. After that, organize your army and send your units gradually to your enemy’s base to destroy it so that he does not advance to your base.

The game will start in the ancient times of the Stone Age and the Caveman and pass through 5 different eras until it reaches the modern era. Keep creating units to protect your base, destroy the enemy, and earn enough XP to advance your civilization through the ages. Use artillery, stones, and powerful weapons to destroy your opponents. Conquer more lands to expand your empire and become invincible.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Age Of War Online?

The way the game depends on the use of special tactics and different methods of fighting. In the Age Of War, strategy is the key factor in driving every battle. You can divide your army into several small armies. After that, gradually send units and formations to your enemy’s bases. Manage 15 completely different towers to defend your base and destroy your enemy.

In addition to 16 other different models. At the start of the game, you will have a small tribe, armed with spears and axes to start the ancient primitive wars. Over time, you will start using horses, swords, and shields to fight. When you get to modern times when gunpowder was discovered. Then you can use more advanced weapons such as cannons, rifles, bombs, pistols, and others.

In Age Of War, your main task is to upgrade your towers and develop your base in order to prevent your enemies from reaching you. At the same time, you must organize your armies to attack your opponents and destroy forts and castles. The game has easy and intuitive control options and a clean user interface with the best graphics.


Destroy Your Enemies’ Towers To Defend Your Base

In Age Of War, you can consider that the game’s motto is that the best way to defend is to attack. So you can send your units and small armies to your enemy’s bases to destroy them before they reach you. Use your own tactics and style in each battle to defeat your enemies. You can improve the capabilities of the armies and upgrade the towers to become stronger to protect your kingdom.

Use Your Tactics In Every Battle

The conflicts of the ages differ from one era to another, as do the weapons, battle strategy, and other factors. So use your strategy to apply different tactics in each Age Of War battle. There are 31 different models and towers that you can use to defend your base. Your civilization will evolve through the ages, introducing new technologies to use in combat.

5 Different Ages

As we mentioned above, you will be immersed in the struggles of the ages, from the dawn of history until reaching the era of the modern Renaissance. When you start fighting, you will use axes and spears in the primitive wars between the tribes and the caveman. Then it gradually evolves until it reaches the wars of modern times and the use of highly sophisticated techniques in battles. In the following, we will show you 5 different eras in which you will play:

  • Stone age
  • Castle age
  • Renaissance age
  • Modern age
  • Future age


One of the most prominent features of Age Of War is the graphics. The game is designed with great graphics and high quality. In addition to cartoon characters that include 2D and 3D figures. Not only that, you will enjoy great sound effects inside the gameplay. Plus different environments and places and various battlefields.


  • Enjoy tower defense battles.
  • Build your seat and bend it.
  • Attack enemy castles.
  • Lead your army to destroy your opponents.
  • Core your kingdom.
  • Use your strategy in combat.
  • He fought in different ages.
  • Earn rewards and achievements.
  • Smooth control.
  • Great cartoon graphics.