Amazing Strange Rope Police
Amazing Strange Rope Police
Amazing Strange Rope Police

Amazing Strange Rope Police

Amazing Strange Rope Police Unblocked

Amazing Strange Rope Police Unblocked is one of the very fun action games. Where you can simulate the life of superheroes and play the role of one of your favorite characters such as Spider-Man and others. Choose to be a true hero and save the innocent and prevent evil. Besides, choose the path of action and use your strength to riot and assault others.

Explore a huge city with skyscrapers, squares, and an amazing interactive environment. Destroy cars and fight against gangs and people. This game includes high-quality graphics and 3D design. Use customization to personalize the game. Play Amazing Strange Rope Police online through our website and enjoy the best experience.

About Amazing Strange Rope Police – Vice Spider Vegas

Amazing Strange Rope Police Online is one of the wonderful simulation games that includes an epic adventure. You may have watched a lot of stories and movies about legendary figures and superheroes, and you have always dreamed of becoming one of them. For example, there are many superheroes that many people love, such as Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man. There are many evil characters who use their power for evil and to terrorize others, such as the Green Goblin, the man with eight arms, and others.

So when you start playing Amazing Strange Rope Police, you will choose to be a real superhero or a villain who commits riots and sabotage. The game was developed by HGames-ArtWorks, and the game is also available in the WebGL version. Moreover, enjoy playing online through your browser with support for many different platforms. If you are ready for this adventure, you can start playing, exploring the city, and performing many heroic activities.

As well as sabotage, attack people, destroy vehicles, and other evil acts. But watch out! There are some armed gangs that can attack you if you assault them. Develop your skills and upgrade your strength, as you can change costumes, customize the character, and other options. Start the game now and enjoy this epic adventure.

How To Play Amazing Strange Rope Police?

If you can master the control options, you can enjoy playing and performing more new skills every day. Moreover, Amazing Strange Rope Police includes intuitive control options and does not require a lot of time to understand the game. Unleash your powers and dash through buildings, using lasers, web shots, beams, and other superpowers to play.

Seize cars or save innocent people. Choose your path and enjoy exciting challenges while playing. Not only that, but you will be assigned some tasks that you can accomplish. So that you can get more rewards and money and use them to upgrade your favorite hero and get more items and reinforcements.

Amazing Strange Rope Police Advantages

Explore A Huge City

There are many different places and buildings that you can explore. Also, you will go further when you complete each new challenge. Go down the street, attack passers-by, destroy facilities and vehicles, confront police officers, and other activities.

Complete The Missions

As we mentioned above, choose to be a good man and a true superhero who loves fire, or choose to work for evil. In both cases, you will be assigned different tasks to complete and obtain more prizes and currencies to upgrade the hero.


One of the best features of the game is the customization options that allow you to change many of the attributes of the Spider-Man character. Where you can choose new clothes, change appearance and skins, and buy other reinforcements.


Epic action game.
Become your favorite superhero.
Observe the city from all sides.
Be a real hero or a bad guy.
Interact with everything around you.
Complete the tasks.
Get more achievements.
Change the character’s appearance.
Great graphics.
Easy control options.


  • Use the WASD or arrow keys to move.
  • T to open nearby garage.
  • Q to shoot web.
  • Right-click to laser.
  • Left click to shoot or punch.
  • Space bar to jump.
  • Left shift to run.
  • X to switch weapons.
  • F to open the car.
  • R to open a nearby shop.
  • G to grenade.
  • Z to switch grenades.
  • C to switch vehicle camera.

Garbage Truck Controls

  • Z to pitchfork up.
  • X to pitchfork down.
  • Q to Dump start.
  • E to dump end.
  • Space bar to lift the container.

Gameplay Video