Pokemon Clicker Unblocked

Pokemon Clicker

Pokemon Clicker Unblocked

Pokemon Clicker Unblocked is an entertainment anime game. Explore an open world, familiar characters, and immerse yourself in unparalleled challenges. Click non-stop to get the highest points, upgrade items, and double your rewards.
Move to new worlds such as dense forests and dark caves. Collect Pokemon and evolve them by double-tapping and purchasing upgrades. This game is available online and includes wonderful classic graphics and interesting and exciting gameplay.

About Pokemon Clicker

Pokemon Clicker Online is one of the click games that will lead you to an amazing adventure. There is no doubt that the world of Pokemon is one of the most famous anime worlds that most people have known over the past decades. It served as a basic means of entertainment and amusement. Many developers also quoted different ideas for designing games from it. So hundreds of millions of people know these characters and play these wonderful games.

Although PokéClicker includes a smooth and simple gameplay. But while playing, you will feel comfortable, regain your memories, and get rid of your daily stress. The main goal of the game is to click on the Pokemon to collect them and get the highest points. At the same time, improve your clicks to double your achievements and get countless points.

It’s not much different from regular clicker games. However, you will enjoy exploring a group of cool characters like Magikarp, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Weedle, Turtwig, Caterpie, Pidgey, and Vulpix. Pokemon Clicker was developed by Isha Dijcks. In addition, the game is supported by web platforms, and you can enjoy online play through your browser.

How To Play Pokemon Clicker?

If you have played clicker games before. Then Pokémon Clicker will be much familiar to you. Your main task is to explore the world of Pokemon and click on the heroes to collect them and get the highest score. Not only that, but improve your clicks and get restaurant points. Each character has a special ability to give you higher points while clicking. Explore this amazing world and relieve your stress while playing.


  • Great entertaining game.
  • Click non-stop.
  • Collect Pokemon points.
  • Amazing characters.
  • New worlds.
  • Cartoon graphics.


Isha Dijcks


Use the mouse to play.

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