Planet Clicker Unblocked

Planet Clicker

Planet Clicker Unblocked

Planet Clicker Unblocked is a fun entertainment game. Enjoy the virtual clicker challenge and click non-stop on different planets to get points. Develop clicks and upgrade power to double your points and get rewards. Use energy units to buy a new planet and indulge in a new adventure. This game includes intuitive graphics and very entertaining gameplay.

About Planet Clicker

Planet Clicker Online is one of the simple and interesting click games. Explore the world of space and move through the planets of the solar system to obtain infinite energy units. There is no doubt that clicker games are simple games, but at the same time, they relieve you of daily pressures after a hard day of work. Also, you will get addicted to playing every day. If you want to take on a very exciting challenge. Then you can play Planet Clicker.

This game will take you to the world of the solar system to explore the different planets. Increase energy production by boosting tap power and building farms and power plants on planet Earth. Plus, explore a host of new upgrades such as solar oil, coal, nuclear and space technology on Mars, the “Red Planet”.

Finally, reach Venus, but it will cost you a trillion energy units. So you will have to upgrade your clicks and get as many events as possible to buy Venus. This planet features various technologies such as iron, lava, and future technology. Planet Clicker was developed by Coltroc. Now enjoy playing online easily through your browser.

How To Play Planet Clicker?

All you have to do is click to get the energy units. At the same time, buy upgrades to gain rewards. Also, buy new planets and explore our vast solar system. Just using your mouse you can click and play.


  • Click non-stop.
  • 3 different planets.
  • Explore space.
  • Get power units.
  • Upgrades.
  • Great graphics.



Release Date

March 2020


Use the mouse to play.

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