Particle Clicker Unblocked
Particle Clicker
Particle Clicker Unblocked

Particle Clicker

Particle Clicker Unblocked

Particle Clicker Unblocked is an intuitive idle game. Where you can click to get physical particles and charges. You must not stop clicking to monitor the movement of any electron and collect the largest possible amount of particles in order to get the highest points. This game includes a familiar user interface and easy-to-play instructions. Start playing online through our website and get the best experience.

About Particle Clicker

Particle Clicker Online is one of the clicker games that you can play to entertain your time. Particle detectors can be thought of as high-tech cameras. Physicists want to study such phenomena. Therefore, there are some devices that some scientists claim monitor such phenomena.

Although most scholars do not believe in this, they even warn everyone who works on this matter. It may threaten the lives of entire human beings and has other dimensions related to prophecies that are similar to myths. In any case, you will play Particle Clicker just for fun and enjoyment. This game is developed by CERN.

The game was also published in 2014. Now the game is supported by many platforms and you can enjoy playing online. Your main task is to click to collect particles and get the most points. In addition to purchasing upgrades to get double clicks and higher scores. Try this game and tell us your opinion in the comments.

How To Play?

Clicker games are easy games that anyone can play. Use the mouse to click and get points, and there is nothing complicated about that. Your main task in this game is to get the highest possible score by collecting particles. In addition to purchasing upgrades to improve your performance.


  • Amazing click game.
  • Get the maximum amount of particles.
  • Bought upgrades.
  • Break records.
  • Familiar user interface.


Use the mouse to play.

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