Babel Tower Unblocked
Babel Tower
Babel Tower Unblocked

Babel Tower

Babel Tower Unblocked

Babel Tower Unblocked is a very entertaining clicker game. Get ready to build the tallest tower and call in construction workers to collect wood, rocks, and other resources. Upgrade the ability to build more floors faster.

Also, sell items to get money and use more boosts. On each new floor you will get more resources that will help you complete the building. This game includes great graphics and fun gameplay. Start your task now and enjoy your time.

Introduce Babel Tower

Babel Tower Online is one of the amazing building games that you will have to play. Clicker games are simple games that you can play with little effort. At the same time, such games include creative ideas and smooth gameplay that will make you addicted to playing. If you like building games then Tower of Babel will be perfect for you. This game was developed by Airapport in June 2020. Also, the game is available in the HTML 5 version and is supported by many platforms so you can enjoy playing online.

Your main mission is to click to extract stones, blocks, and other materials that will help you build the tower. Order workers and click to speed up production and obtain countless resources. Sell some of your resources in the market to get money that can be used for upgrades. Restarting your tower building gives you golden bricks that boost your tapping power and production and increase the prices of your materials.

Not only that, but you will discover something new on every floor you reach. For example, on the first floor you will get a crane, a forest, a lumber carrier, and a mill, on the 2nd floor you will get a water well and a pump, and on the 3rd floor you will use the lifting engine. Start your mission now and click non-stop to build the tower as quickly as possible.

How To Play?

As we mentioned above, the gameplay on Babel Tower is very easy and relies mainly on clicking. The faster you click, the more bricks and stones you get. At the same time, do not forget to use upgrades and buy new equipment to complete floors in record time. Sell items to get money which you will use for upgrades. Don’t forget to play Contest Mode to get extra rewards. Through this mode, you can immerse yourself in a challenge to build a tower from scratch at the highest level possible in a given time.


  • Fun idle clicker game.
  • Build the tower from scratch.
  • Get the necessary resources.
  • Upgrade production.
  • Collect money.
  • Contest mode.
  • Easy control losses.
  • Simple graphics.


Use the mouse to play.

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