Puppet Master Unblocked
Puppet Master
Puppet Master Unblocked

Puppet Master

Puppet Master Unblocked

Puppet Master Unblocked is a very entertaining clicker game. Get rid of stress and pressure and shoot the static doll to destroy it. Use a variety of weapons, knives, and explosives. Gradually you can unlock more and more deadly tools. This game includes amazing gameplay, physics, and 3D graphics. Enjoy playing online through the platform and enjoy your time.

About Puppet Master

Puppet Master Online is one of the entertaining games that will bring you a lot of fun. Clicker games are considered easy games that do not require a lot of skills. At the same time, such games can change your mood for the better. It helps you calm stress and get rid of stress after a hard day of work or at the end of the semester.

Your main mission in this game is to shoot the doll. But it’s not just shooting with traditional weapons. But use many tools to cause damage to the doll. For example, the use of classic pistols, arrows, rifles, explosives, and bombs. In addition to catapults, knives, shovels, and other weapons.

Unlock more weapons and use them to blow up the doll and destroy it completely. Every time the doll will interact with you smoothly and comfortably. The game includes a very enjoyable gameplay. Puppet Master was developed by FreezeNova. As well as this game is supported by the browser and you can enjoy playing online.

How To Play Puppet Master?

Get rid of your stress and have fun shooting and destroying dolls. Use the mouse to switch between weapons and cause as much damage as possible. Get new weapons such as machine guns and missiles. Polish your matching skills and enjoy your time while playing.


  • Entertaining casual game.
  • Get rid of stress.
  • Blow up the doll.
  • Lots of weapons.
  • Interactive gameplay.
  • Great graphics.




Use the mouse to play.

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