Money Clicker Unblocked

Money Clicker

Money Clicker Unblocked

Money Clicker Unblocked is a very fun game. Where you can collect as much money as possible and buy real estate, factories, and companies. Increase more to upgrade your clicks and get double money. Get achievements and invest your money in gold and commercial projects. This game includes an intuitive user interface with familiar gameplay for all players.

About Money Clicker

Clicker games are simple games that many people love. Because such games do not require simple rules, missions, or control options. On the other hand, clicker games involve simple gameplay and a very clear goal. Although there are hundreds of these games. But you will enjoy an exceptional experience while playing Money Clicker.

Your task is to click on the paper currency that appears in front of you. Click non-stop to collect as much money as possible. After that, you can invest your money in buying companies, hiring employees, and buying mines, factories, and cars. At the same time, you must raise the level and purchase more upgrades in order to multiply your points with each click.

Through this game, you can collect huge wealth, as there is no other man on earth who can compete with you. So focus on investing smartly in promotions as this will significantly increase your earnings per click. Money Clicker is developed by GAMING_GUY18. As the game was published in 2020 with versions supported by many platforms and browsers.

How To Play Money Clicker?

A banknote appears in front of you on the screen. All you have to do is click as quickly as possible on the banknote to get the most money possible. Use your money to boost your business. Where you can contribute to companies and buy houses, real estate, silver items, and gold. Don’t forget to collect money to buy new upgrades that give you a higher price per click. Unleash the tap and become the richest man in the world.


  • Entertainment game.
  • Accumulate great wealth.
  • Click as quickly as possible.
  • Invest your money.
  • Buy upgrades.
  • Easy user interface.



Release Date

October 2020


Use the mouse to play.

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