Battle Gear 2 Unblocked
Battle Gear 2
Battle Gear 2 Unblocked

Battle Gear 2

Battle Gear 2 Unblocked

Battle Gear 2 Unblocked is a very fun war game. Use your military tactics to move your armies across trenches and fronts and destroy your enemies. Identify your forces, upgrade soldiers, and apply your strategy on the battlefield. Complete the missions and move to the most difficult levels. This game includes easy control options and intuitive graphics. Enjoy playing online through our platform and have the best time.

Introduce Battle Gear 2

Battle Gear 2 Online is one of the strategic war games that will bring you a lot of enthusiasm. You will play the role of the commander of one of the powerful armies through epic battles in different regions. You have to choose between attack style or defense style. If you can control an area, you can apply your defense strategy to protect your lands.

Plus, expand your bases and attack the opponent on his land to expand your kingdom. This type of game depends on your style of completing tasks and facing various challenges. There are millions of people around the world who play Battle Gear 2.

This game was developed by Belugerin Studios. Also, the game is supported by many platforms and is available online on a web browser. Start the battle now, complete the levels, and progress towards more difficult challenges to gain more experience. Besides, upgrade your army to become an invincible force.

How To Play?

All you have to do is move your forces to different spots on the battlefield. You must cause as much damage as possible to your enemy forces. Below you will find a bar showing you the strength of your army, which includes armor, tanks, infantry, and artillery. Use the mouse and the other main buttons that we will mention below to direct your forces and fight. As you advance further, you will immerse yourself in more difficult wars. So prepare well.


  • Exciting strategy game.
  • Epic battles.
  • Lead your army to victory.
  • Complete the missions.
  • Apply your military tactics.
  • Simple graphics.
  • Easy control options.


Use ZYXC keys to scroll in all directions, and use the arrow keys to move across the map. Press the mouse to select units.

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