Charger Escape Unblocked
Charger Escape
Charger Escape Unblocked

Charger Escape

Charger Escape Unblocked

Charger Escape Unblocked is an interesting and fun adventure game. Where you can complete a very difficult mission and free one of the horses stuck in the stable. Solve different puzzles and interact with everything around you to free the horse and lead it to the race. This game includes amazing gameplay, wonderful cartoon graphics, and lots of pets. In addition to 3D design and attractive effects while playing. Start the challenge now and enjoy the best experience through our platform.

Introduce Charger Escape

Charger Escape Online is one of the interesting puzzle games that will bring you a lot of fun. The game includes a fun adventure that includes elements of escape and puzzles in the same gameplay. In this mission, you will face difficult challenges and puzzles that require some thinking to make the appropriate decision. Such games are very popular among players all over the world. Charger Escape was developed by Mateusz Skutnik in 2008.

To enjoy playing online without downloading, the game has become available in HTML 5 version so you can play directly through your browser. The events of this story revolve around one of the horses kept in the stable. Your main task is to free the horse and get it out of this predicament. But it won’t be easy!

You will need to solve puzzles and interact with items and other animals around you. Point and click on different things in the game, such as opening doors or picking up objects and tools. You will also think like a detective to solve all the puzzles and overcome difficult situations. The further you advance, the more difficult the mission becomes. So use your skills and try to escape with the horse from the stable.

How To Play?

Escape games are rich games that depend on your style of managing the game. Therefore, such games include smooth gameplay and control options that are familiar to everyone. Your main task in this game is to try to escape from the stable. At the same time, you will interact with other things and lives around you. In addition to solving difficult puzzles so that you can succeed in your mission. Moreover, the game includes intuitive instructions and very easy control options.


  • A very interesting escape game.
  • Explore the sides of the stable.
  • Help the horse escape.
  • Interact with everything around you.
  • Solve the puzzles.
  • Complete the mission.
  • Great graphics.
  • 3D design.
  • Easy control options.


Use the mouse to interact and play.

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