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Dead Zed

Dead Zed Unblocked

Dead Zed Unblocked is a fun action game that will bring you a lot of excitement while playing. Where you will play the role of a survivor of the apocalypse, and unfortunately for you, you will wait until a rescue team comes to save you. So you have to survive and face the zombie monsters around you.

There is a powerful arsenal of weapons and guns that you can use to shoot zombies. Don’t allow monsters to reach your base. Aim accurately at your targets and eliminate all zombies around you. The design and atmosphere of each mission will vary with many different elements. The game includes great visual and sound effects. In addition to high-quality graphics and 3D designs. Play Dead Zed online through our website and enjoy the best experience.

About Dead Zed

Dead Zed Online is one of the fun FPS zombie battle games. Where you can play the role of one of the survivors of a great catastrophe that covered the whole world in darkness. You are now about to enjoy one of the interesting apocalypse games. All forms of life and nature have been destroyed, and there is no weapon, and danger and evil surround you from everywhere.

You should not stand there and watch, but go ahead and pick up your weapon and shoot the zombie armies to destroy them. In this game, your main task is to try to survive in this dangerous environment. On Dead Zed, you will not move around and explore the battlefields. But you will remain in your base until the monsters and the dead come upon you. Then shoot and aim at your targets using a variety of different weapons.

Dead Zed was developed by 3kggames in 2020. The game is now available in HTML5 format and is supported by many platforms such as Android and iOS. Accordingly, you can enjoy playing online through your web browser and start the challenge. There are a lot of goals and achievements to achieve. So start the mission now and explore the apocalypse and destroy all the zombies around you.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Dead Zed Online?

Shooting games are rich and intense and include many interesting events and challenges. However, you will often find that the control options in most action games are very similar and familiar to all players. Use the mouse to move in any direction in front of you. Also, use the R button to reload the weapon. Use buttons 1 and 2 to change weapons and use buttons to change shooting mode. When the game starts, you will find yourself inside one of the bases, which includes a perspective and a view of everything in front of you.

Gradually, armies of zombies and monsters will advance towards you. So use your aiming skills to shoot your targets accurately and destroy all the zombie armies. Unlock new battle locations as you progress through the game so players can explore and experience newer locations.

Also, you will be assigned more tasks to get more rewards and buy and customize all weapons. Sometimes the battles are more intense on Dead Zed. So use the most powerful weapon to destroy all zombies. There are many rifles, pistols, snipers, machine guns, and even bows to shoot arrows and other weapons. Start the challenge now and destroy all the dead.

dead zed Advantages

Shoot Zombies And Monsters

You are now about to be part of the events of the end of the world. You have been surrounded by the zombie armies of Dead Zed. So take your weapon aim at your targets and blow up the zombies around you. Explore new locations and use powerful types of guns. Also, get rewards and indulge in more special missions to collect more money.


In such games, the weapon system is one of the most attractive features for players to play. Accordingly, Dead Zed includes a powerful arsenal of weapons that includes modern machine guns and automatic shooting rifles. In addition to snipers, pistols, grenades, bows, arrows, bazookas, and other miscellaneous weapons.

Explore New Locations

You will fight in many different environments and locations so that you will never get tired of playing. Moreover, the distribution of zombie characters will be different in each challenge. Also, you can use your own style and tactics to shoot zombies. In each new challenge, you will explore a new place with different elements and environments.

Graphics & Sound

One of the most important features of Dead Zed is the game’s great graphics. Where you will enjoy high-quality graphics and 3D designs of characters, items, and the environment around you. Also, the atmosphere of the game will change in each mission. Moreover, enjoy stunning visual and sound effects, a rich screen, and epic gameplay.

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Mouse to look and shoot
1,2 to change weapons
F to change fire mode
R to reload
M to die


  • Epic battles against zombies.
  • Shoot monsters everywhere.
  • Use a powerful arsenal of weapons.
  • New places.
  • Upgrade guns.
  • Collect rewards.
  • HD graphics.
  • Amazing effects.
  • Easy control options.