Desktop Tower Defense

Desktop Tower Defense

Desktop Tower Defense Unblocked

Desktop Tower Defense Unblocked is a very entertaining and fun strategy game. Where you can enjoy defending towers through unique and wonderful gameplay. But unlike other tower games, the path of the crawlers themselves is not specified Instead, built towers mark the crawlers’ path.

Also, small creatures move to the shortest path they can find to reach the exit. This game has simple graphics and easy and familiar control options. Play Desktop Tower Defense online through our website and enjoy the best experience.

About Desktop Tower Defense

Desktop Tower Defense Online is one of the great tower defense games. This type of game is considered one of the most popular video games spread on many different operating systems. It also attracts the attention of millions of players and is preferred by many people. Where you can build and upgrade your defenses and protect towers from enemy attacks. This is the main idea of such games. This does not prevent that there are some developers who use their creativity to develop new ideas for horoscope games.

This is exactly what you will find on Desktop Tower Defense. The game was developed by Paul Preece in 2014. Currently, the game is available online and you can easily enjoy playing it through your browser. Not only that, but enjoy the same main gameplay with the original control options in an exceptional experience. Your main task in this game is to defend the towers.

Therefore, you will focus on the arrival of each wave of enemies. Each wave of creeps is characterized by different characteristics, such as immunity to certain towers, additional resistance to certain towers, the ability to produce new creeps, and others. This will allow you to choose your own way of playing the game and you can apply your tactics to each challenge. Play Desktop Tower Defense online now and enjoy your time.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Desktop Tower Defense Online?

Tower defense games are considered easy strategic games that do not require a lot of skills. Also, you do not need a lot of time to master the control options and your own style while playing. Your main task is to defend your forts, protect the castle, or search for a way out.

In addition to upgrading your defense and using different tactics in each mission. The control options are very easy, but while playing it is up to you! As each player has his own style of applying his strategy while playing. So start the challenge now and try to protect your towers and get the highest points.


  • Fun strategy game.
  • Protect your defenses.
  • Upgrade the towers.
  • Different levels.
  • Simple graphics.
  • Easy control options.

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