Dragon Simulator 3D
Dragon Simulator 3D
Dragon Simulator 3D

Dragon Simulator 3D

Dragon Simulator 3D Unblocked

Dragon Simulator 3D Unblocked is a wonderful animal life simulation game. Enjoy exploring the life of one of the most famous mythical creatures, do many different activities, and interact with the environment and other animals around you. Fly over villages, attack predatory animals, breathe fire, and eliminate everything in your path.

Besides, attack humans, but be careful because they will throw black arrows and weapons at you. Complete quests, get coins, customize appearance, and change skins. Enjoy epic PvP battles and defeat all your opponents. This game includes high-quality graphics, 3D design, and exciting gameplay. Play Dragon Simulator 3D online through our website and enjoy the best experience.

About Dragon Simulator 3D

Dragon Simulator 3D Online is one of the open-world games that will lead you to an interesting adventure. The dragon is considered one of the most powerful and deadly creatures, and it also possesses unimaginable supernatural abilities. You may have seen this in famous stories and action movies. But how about doing this yourself? Yes, through Dragon Simulator 3D you can do this.

It is considered one of the wonderful simulation games for living the life of a dragon and doing many different activities. The game was developed by CyberGoldfinch in 2019. This game is one of the parts of the famous series that includes a group of wonderful animal life simulation games. Unleash your imagination, do many activities, and immerse yourself in different events.

Use your amazing abilities to fly over houses and attack other animals and dragons. Move across and explore the vast open world. As well as perform various tasks and get coins and money to upgrade your dragon. Beware of your enemies and humans. If animals attack you can defeat them. But you will need more skills to maneuver humans without them hurting you. Start playing now and enjoy this adventure.

How To Play Dragon Simulator 3D Online?

Before you start playing you will customize your dragon. For example, set the name and choose different armor, skins, and accessories. After that, explore a huge map that includes stunning landscapes and diverse places. Your dragon can harness the powers of nature, fire, ice, air, and even other monsters.

Attack other giant animals and breathe fire on all your enemies. Build your home and protect it from others. Also, complete the tasks to get various rewards. There are many daily events you can participate in. Start this adventure and unleash your imagination.

Dragon Simulator 3D Advantages

Live The Life Of A Legendary Dragon

Play as a dragon and explore the different parts of the earth around you. Attack fire-breathing monsters and destroy villages and cities. Collect coins, develop your strength, and explore an open world that includes many diverse places and environments.

Complete The Missions

As we mentioned above, you can undertake various missions to enhance your strength and obtain rewards. For example, attack humans, maneuver, and avoid arrows and projectiles. In addition to attacking dragons and other monsters to declare your control over the city.


Dragon Simulator 3D includes an amazing graphics system. Where you can enjoy 3D designs. Plus stunning landscapes and diverse places you can explore. Moreover, the game includes attractive sound effects and a user interface that is familiar to all players.


  • Live the life of a legendary dragon.
  • Explore an open world.
  • Vast maps.
  • Attack other monsters.
  • Complete the tasks.
  • Collect rewards and coins.
  • PvP battles.
  • High-quality graphics.
  • Simple control options.


  • WASD or arrow keys to move.
  • Space button to jump/fly up.
  • Q button to take off/landing.
  • Right mouse button to do a melee attack.
  • Left mouse button to do a ranged attack.
  • H button to hide the interface.
  • L button to lock/unlock cursor.
  • C button to fly down.
  • Shift bar to speed up.

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