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Duck Hunt
Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt Unblocked

Duck Hunt Unblocked is one of the classic shooter games that are very fun. Where you can play the role of a professional hunter who explores the farm and shoots ducks with the help of a dog. This game will bring you a lot of fun and will make you relive your memories with classic action games.

Explore the different stages of the game and upgrade your weapons. You have to catch as many ducks as possible in order to win and collect more points and rewards. The game contains 2D cartoon graphics. Plus amazing sound effects while playing. Play Duck Hunt online through our platform now and enjoy an exciting adventure.

About Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt Online is a very entertaining and fun action game. Classic shooter games are considered as one of the great games in the field of video games. Moreover, it was one of the most popular games on the various operating systems at the time. Many generations were raised on such games and influenced the impressions of many developers.

Therefore, at the present time, and with the technological progress that the world is witnessing now, especially in the field of apps and games. Then you can still bring back these amazing memories and enjoy playing these games on modern operating systems such as Android, iOS, and PC. One of the most famous of these games is Duck Hunt. Developed in 2019 by Matthew Surabian and is inspired by Nintendo.

Now the game is available in HTML 5 format, and you can enjoy playing online through your browser and get the best experience. There are a lot of different game levels in Duck Hunt. Do not expect high-quality graphics in such games. As what distinguishes the gameplay is the simple and fun 2D graphics of the language. Start your hunting trip and show us how many ducks you will catch today!

Gameplay Video

How To Play Duck Hunt Online?

I think you don’t need more explanation to know how to play Duck Hunt. Nevertheless, we will shorten for you the style of play and the events of the gameplay. Control the gun by mouse. Duck Hunt has NES Zapper Pistol and CRT Screen with cool classic style. Before you start playing, you can select the game mode. After that, the duck will gradually appear in front of you.

In the first levels, one or two ducks will appear in each attempt, you will have three attempts to shoot the ducks. If you manage to hit your targets, you will move to the next level. The player must achieve minimum goals to advance to the next round. The difficulty of each mission will gradually increase as you advance further. Start hunting now and collect as many points and rewards as possible.


  • Play the role of a skilled hunter.
  • Shoot ducks everywhere.
  • Use your gun to blow up the ducks.
  • Explore the different levels of play.
  • Attractive effects.
  • Simple graphics.
  • Full-screen mode.
  • Familiar control options.