Duck Life 3 Unblocked
Duck Life 3
Duck Life 3 Unblocked

Duck Life 3

Duck Life 3 Unblocked

Duck Life 3 Unblocked is a very entertaining adventure game. Train your favorite duck to be ready to enter leagues and compete in championships. Swim, run, and fly in the sky to get the highest points. There are 4 different breeds of ducks you can choose from.

Complete missions, get money, and use it to unlock new items, get upgrades, and customize your ducks. This game includes amazing graphics and a fun cartoon style within the gameplay. Start your new journey in duck racing through our website and get the best experience.

Introduce Duck Life 3 Abcya

Duck Life 3 Abcya Online is a great combination of skill and arcade games that will bring you a lot of fun. Enjoy the third part of this famous series and prepare to complete new, more difficult missions. This type of game is loved by adults and children and takes you on an exciting adventure and many challenges that you can undertake. Duck Life 3 was developed by Wix Games in May 2011. But now the game is available using HTML 5 technology and is supported by many platforms so you can enjoy playing online through your browser.

When you start the game, you will have many missions to complete. But in order to be able to take on these challenges, you can train in basic duck skills such as running, flying, climbing, and swimming. For each skill, there is a specific league to participate in. In each league, you can compete with other ducks to obtain achievements, coins, and use customization features and upgrades.

There are three leagues all set in different locations like the first part of the game. Therefore, you must advance from the qualifiers and reach the finals in order to obtain the highest points and win the league. Practice your skill continuously to develop it and unlock new breeds of ducks. Gradually, the challenges will become more difficult and you will move to more difficult races. Start the adventure now and enjoy your time.

How To Play?

For all fans of this wonderful series of Duck Life game. Now you can indulge in a new adventure full of challenges. We remind you that the game is very familiar and intuitive, especially for those who have already played one of the previous parts. Before you start participating in any tournament, you can develop your duck skills through training mode.

After that, choose from 3 different leagues. Your main task is to win races against other ducks. These races include running, flying, and swimming. Although each league has its own rules. But the control options are the same in every tournament. Where you can use the arrow keys to control the game and play.


  • An exciting adventure game.
  • Fun arcade challenges.
  • 4 breeds of ducks.
  • 3 leagues to participate in.
  • Get coins and achievements.
  • Training mode.Great graphics.
  • Easy control options.


You can use arrow keys to play.

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