Gunblood Unblocked

Gunblood Unblocked is a unique shooting game to shoot and eliminate your opponents. Be part of the duel choose from ten characters from the Wild West and try to outsmart your opponents. In each battle, there are nine rounds of intense reaction-based duels in this game.

After each successful duel, you meet another, more challenging opponent, and your chances of survival decrease. Start the challenge now and outperform all your opponents. Enjoy great in-game graphics and explore interesting challenges. Play Gunblood online through our website and enjoy the best experience.

About Gunblood

Gunblood Online is one of the unique action games of its kind in which to shoot characters and shoot your opponents to become the best shooter in town. Shooting games are among the exciting games that will take you in the world of survival of the strongest to challenge your opponents in epic battles. Moreover, such games are among the most popular games on different operating systems and are preferred by millions of players from around the world. The more creative shooting games are designed, the more players they attract.

So if you want to try one of the unique classic shooting games. Then play Gunblood. Where you can become one of the most prominent shooters in the city, play the role of a cowboy, and challenge your opponents in dangerous duels under the slogan of survival of the fittest. The game was developed by Wolf Games and now you can play online through your browser easily. If you manage to defeat all your opponents, you will move on to more powerful duels and explore the advantages of the wonderful game.


How To Play Gunblood Online?

Shooting games do not need a lot of time to explain how the game or the controls. As shooting games and action games depend primarily on your skill, style, and tactics in leading each stage. Same thing on Gunblood. As you will descend into a city with many criminals and cowboys, and it will not be enough for you and those to live there. So grab your gun and start duels to eliminate all your opponents.

You can use WASD keys to control the player’s movements. Also, there will be a countdown to the start of each battle. When the battle begins and the word fire appears, click to aim at your opponents. There are 4 different rounds for each player. In addition to 9 duels. If you manage to beat all your enemies, you will ensure that the connection is achieved, collect rewards, and move on to the next duel.


  • Unique shooting battles.
  • Eliminate all your opponents.
  • 9 epic duels.
  • 4 rounds per player.
  • Beautiful graphics.
  • Easy control.