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Merc Zone Unblocked

Merc Zone Unblocked is a very amazing first-person shooting game. Get ready for this epic mission and use your aiming and shooting skills to kill your enemies around you. Explore houses, buildings, and rooms. Don’t give your opponents the opportunity to escape. Use a powerful arsenal of machine guns, rifles, and pistols.

Moreover, develop your skills, create your own style, and use maneuvers to surprise your enemies. This game includes wonderful graphics and 3D design with simple colors. Also, the game includes control options that are intuitive and familiar to all players. Play Merc Zone online now through our website and enjoy the best experience.

About Merc Zone

Merc Zone Online is one of the interesting action games that will lead you to the fiercest shooting battles. This type of game is hugely popular among players from all over the world. There are also FPS games that are considered among the most popular games on various operating systems such as Android and iOS in recent years. Accordingly, you will constantly find new releases with different ideas of shooting games. Although such games often include high-quality graphics and pay attention to realistic details and high-tech gameplay design.

But there are also simple games that have unique idea and very interesting gameplay with simple graphics. Merc Zone is one of the most prominent of these games. This game is developed by Blue Wizard Digita. Not only that, but after a short time, the game became available in HTML 5 so you could enjoy playing through your browser easily.
In addition to supporting all operating platforms. When you start playing you will have a collection of pistols and rifles.

Then you will start searching for your enemies everywhere. Must dodge bullets and shoot your opponents to collect more points and money. After that, you can buy more weapons, customize the character, and other improvements. Play Merc Zone now and enjoy this challenge.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Merc Zone Online?

Although there are many different ideas in shooting games, you will often find that the control options are somewhat similar. That’s why Merc Zone includes easy and familiar control options and great basic game modes. All you have to do is use the WASD keys to move in any direction freely. In addition to the right mouse button to fire, the R button to reload the peace, and some other simple keys that we will mention below in detail.

When the battle begins, you will select your weapon and explore the house or place you are in. Search for your opponents everywhere and shoot and eliminate everything in your path. You must avoid bullets in order not to lose. After that, it is up to your style and skills in playing such games. Start this dangerous adventure now and defeat all your enemies on the battlefield.

Merc Zone Advantages

Amazing Shooting Game

Enjoy playing Merc Zone now and indulge in an interesting challenge. Where you can live an exceptional experience in shooting games. Explore different houses, buildings, and battlefields in search of your enemies. Hide, maneuver, and gesture to shoot accurately at your opponents. Defeat everything in your way, collect rewards, and move on to the next mission.


Like many other games, you will use a set of basic weapons in Merc Zone. For example, use powerful and lethal machine guns. In addition to snipers, rifles, pistols, knives, bombs, and other weapons.

Graphics & Sound

Merc Zone includes simple graphics and 3D designs with smooth and enjoyable gameplay. In addition to wonderful sound effects and an exciting soundtrack. Moreover, it uses intuitive control options that you can master in a short time.


  • Interesting FPS game.
  • Explore houses and buildings.
  • Look for your enemies everywhere.
  • Use your skills in gestures and maneuvers.
  • An arsenal of deadly weapons.
  • Various battlefields.
  • Intuitive graphics.
  • Easy control options.


  • Left mouse button: shoot
  • Right mouse button: aim
  • WASD: move
  • Space bar: jump
  • G: throw grenades
  • Shift: sprint
  • C: crouch
  • R: Reload

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