Miner Cat 4 Unblocked

Miner Cat 4

Miner Cat 4 Unblocked

Miner Cat 4 Unblocked is a very fun mining game. Explore the earth and dig for gems and coins. Search for precious items, rubies, and diamonds. At the same time, beware of traps and lava. Sell your wealth to develop your axe and get more armor and health. Enjoy the familiar pixel world similar to the world of Minecraft with simple and fun graphics.

About Miner Cat 4

Miner Cat 4 Online is one of the simple mobile games that you will love to try. It is time to embark on an exciting journey into the earth to search for minerals and gold. Get ready for this adventure and carry your axe to dig and search for treasures. Such games cause addiction and get rid of pressures. So you will have a fun time while playing Miner Cat 4 and exploring new challenges.

The main character in this game is a little cat. However, she has high skills in prospecting and searching for resources. Some soils need more nails and a stronger axe. So be sure to buy more upgrades constantly. Also, your energy will be consumed while digging. Then you should boost your health bar with some supplies. Choose your place wisely, and break through the blocks to reach Bob.

Sometimes you will find some unexpected obstacles such as fire pits, lava, and mines. So be proficient in the traps around you so that you do not have to start the journey again. There are many raw materials and valuable elements in the bowels of the earth. For example, collect wood, copper, gold, rubies, diamonds, and others.

Amass a huge fortune, move to deeper places in the bowels of the earth, and find valuable elements that no one has reached before. The game was developed by “Coltroc”. Also, Miner Cat 4 is supported online and you can play through your browser.

How To Play Miner Cat 4?

Go into an environment full of valuable elements and gems. Break the blocks with your pickaxe to search for minerals and rubies. The bar at the bottom will show you the amount of coins you have collected. Each type differs from the other in terms of value. Sell the minerals and get money to use it to buy powerful horses and other reinforcements.


  • An interesting mining game.
  • Journey to the core of the earth.
  • Collect minerals and gems.
  • Avoid traps and lava.
  • Amass a fortune.
  • Pixel graphics.
  • Easy control options.



Release Date

March 2021


  1. Arrow keys to move.
  2. Spacebar to jump.
  3. Left-click to use items.
  4. Use F to talk to Bob.
  5. 1-6 to select items.
  6. Q to drop items.
  7. E to inventory.
  8. P to pause.

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