Epic Battle Fantasy Unblocked

Epic Battle Fantasy

Epic Battle Fantasy Unblocked

Epic Battle Fantasy Unblocked is an exciting role-playing game. Play the role of the hero and save the world from the waves of monsters spreading everywhere. Face the mysterious and scary creatures and eliminate them. Use your skills and weapons to blow up everything in your path. Maintain your health and strength to face the bosses. There are 100 different characters that you will explore while playing. Also, enjoy the wonderful cartoon graphics and very interesting gameplay.

About Epic Battle Fantasy

Epic Battle Fantasy Online is one of the RPG games that will bring you a lot of excitement. Role-playing games are among the most popular games loved by millions of players around the world. Such games include interesting stories, exciting events, and endless challenges. In addition, you will play the role of the hero in the story. So you have many missions to complete. If you want to have a wonderful adventure like this. Then you can play Epic Battle Fantasy.

Which is the first part of this famous series. Your mission is to face monsters, zombies, leaders, mysterious creatures, and magicians. Accordingly, get a set of swords, shields, and equipment needed to complete each battle. There are 5 main characters in this game. For example, Matt, which is the sword of the warrior of the team. Plus the red witch, Lance, Anna, Natalie, and others.

Each character in the game has unique skills and special abilities. Also, interact with everything around you and non-playable characters and explore new places. Protect the world from these secrets to plan well for each battle and eliminate all monsters. The game was composed by Matt Roszak. Currently, the game is available online for you to enjoy playing through your browser.

How To Play?

Role-playing games do not include a specific pattern for you to follow throughout the gameplay. But such games allow you to use your creativity to complete missions and fight battles. However, this game includes very easy control options based on the keyboard. So you will not find anything difficult while playing and you will master the skills of playing in a short time.


  • An enjoyable adventure game.
  • New characters.
  • 5 heroes.
  • Defeat the bosses.
  • Enchanting worlds.
  • Amazing graphics.


Use the keyboard to play.