Bob the Robber 4 Unblocked

Bob the Robber 4

Bob the Robber 4 Unblocked

Bob the Robber 4 Unblocked is a fun adventure game. Immerse yourself in the fourth part of this wonderful series and get ready to rob one of the banks. Explore the floors and doors and solve difficult puzzles. Try to reach the safe to collect money and move to a new level. Finish so that you do not get caught and lose your mission. This game includes amazing cartoon graphics, funny characters, and very enjoyable gameplay.

About Bob the Robber 4

Bob the Robber 4 Online is one of the puzzle games that will bring you a lot of excitement. Now you can start a new mission to rob a bank in the fourth part of this legendary game. This game includes a rich gameplay full of activities and events. You will meet new characters and move on to more difficult challenges. So get ready for this epic mission and solve all the puzzles.

The game will take you to a wonderful world of graphics, characters, and different elements. The main character in this game is Bob. Your mission is to rob banks, rob safes, and collect huge amounts of money. But at the same time, you must have the skills of stealth, flexibility, and hiding.

Because there are many guards, surveillance devices, and cameras that can hinder you. Don’t be discouraged if you fail a mission. Try again and don’t make the same mistakes. Explore the rooms and floors and take advantage of the elements around you. This time the adventure will be in one of the most famous cities in the world.

So you will enjoy the luxurious rooms, wonderful furniture and new places that you have never reached before. There is also a difference in the design of houses, walls, and floors with new elements to explore. The game was developed in 2017 by “Flazm”. Now play Bob the Robber 4 online and get the best experience.

How To Play Bob the Robber 4?

If you are a fan of this great series, it will be very familiar to you. The game includes easy and intuitive controls. But it depends on your style and skills in overcoming difficult situations and solving puzzles. You will often use the mouse to play and direct. Bob also has some unique skills such as jumping and running to escape from the guards. In any case, your mission will not be easy and requires a lot of focus.


  • A fun adventure game.
  • Explore the floors.
  • Search for the treasure.
  • Solve puzzles.
  • Interact with everything around you.
  • Overcome difficult situations.
  • 3D graphics.

Release Date

July 2017




Use the mouse to play.

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