Monkey Quest Unblocked

Monkey Quest

Monkey Quest Unblocked

Monkey Quest Unblocked is an exciting adventure game. Go through the jungle to face your enemies and overcome difficult obstacles. Collect coins and rewards and explore legendary lands. Jump across walls and ropes and use the hammer to destroy your enemies and collect stars. This game includes amazing cartoon graphics with 3D design. In addition to 5 worlds to explore in amazing gameplay.

About Monkey Quest

Monkey Quest Online is one of the arcade games that will bring you a lot of fun. Get ready for a dangerous journey in the depths of the jungle. Face monsters and enemies and destroy everything in your path. Use your hammer-waving style to destroy monsters and collect coins. Complete all levels and move on to more difficult challenges.

The story revolves around a little monkey who enters the world of Ook. Your mission is to save him from Shadow Demon Ka, fight monsters, and learn the secrets of the Monkey King. Once you start playing, you will open one of the gates to one of the five wonderful worlds in the game.

Jump across the heights and take advantage of everything around you to face your enemies. Face monsters and bosses and search for advanced weapons. Upgrade the hammer and make it more powerful at the end of each challenge. There are more other characters in the game such as cats and birds. This will make Monkey Quest very suitable for children.

Not to mention that it is made by Nickelodeon. Which is considered one of the most famous platforms for producing content dedicated to children. The game is also available online so that you can enjoy playing through a browser. Plus supports Android, iOS, HTML5, and other platforms.

How To Play Monkey Quest?

Explore an amazing world in an MMORPG-type adventure. So it will be very familiar to you. Use the arrow keys to move and the space bar to jump. It depends on your skills and maneuvers while playing. Attack your enemies and destroy them with your hammer. At the same time, collect stars and coins and use them to buy more upgrades.


  • An amazing adventure game.
  • 5 worlds to explore.
  • Various playing environments.
  • Complete all levels.
  • Get rewards.
  • 3D graphics.

Release Date

March 17, 2011


Nickelodeon, Behaviour Interactive


  1. Left Mouse Button: Select
  2. Mouse: Navigate
  3. Arrow Keys: Move
  4. Space: Jump
  5. X: Attack

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