The White Room Unblocked

The White Room

The White Room Unblocked

The White Room Unblocked is an epic escape game. Rely on your skills in interacting with different elements in order to reach the exit from this room. Use a bed, dresser, bedside tables, desk, painting, curtains, or anything that can help you. You don’t have much time to think. This game includes wonderful gameplay with a simple gameplay idea that will make you addicted to playing every day.

About The White Room

The White Room Online is one of the simple adventure games that will bring you a lot of fun. Get ready to play the first part of this wonderful series. The story revolves around a person who woke up to find himself in a mysterious bedroom. So he will look for anything to help him get out of this predicament.

It depends on solving puzzles, logic, and interacting with the items and tools around you. Everything becomes clear just by looking around. Scan all over the room to get clues, tools, and valuables. At the same time, look for any evidence that leads you to a way out of this nightmare. Anything around you can be useful.

Therefore, do not ignore the cabinets, drawers, tables, drawers, etc. The White Room was released in 2022. Also, the original game was developed by Isotronic. Currently, the game is supported by many platforms including Android, HTML5, and iOS. So you can enjoy playing online easily.

How To Play The White Room?

Interact with everything around you and try to find a way out of this room. Use the mouse to click and move. Search for valuable items, solve puzzles using logic, and complete all missions.


  • Relaxing escape game.
  • Seamless gameplay.
  • Various items.
  • Solve the puzzles.
  • Complete the challenges.



Release Date

January 2022


Use the mouse to play.

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