Poker Quest Unblocked

Poker Quest

Poker Quest Unblocked

Poker Quest Unblocked is one of the epic card games. Choose your hero and use your unique abilities from a collection of cards to defeat your opponents. Manage battles with your own strategy. Use armor, weapons, and different items against your enemies. Buy new equipment, consumables, upgrades, and weapons through the rewards you will get. This game includes cards for legendary characters, great graphics, and fierce battles await you.

About Poker Quest

Poker Quest Online is one of the adventure games that will bring you a lot of excitement. Enjoy a wonderful mix of RPG games and card games in this exciting gameplay. This game is inspired by the famous Yu Gi game, which is loved by millions of players. There are 52 different cards from which you can derive your victory during battles. These cards include the King, Queen, Ace, and others. Each card includes a different character with statistics, and special skills. Based on your position in each battle, you will determine the hero cards.

If you defeat your enemies, you will get chips and coins. So use the rewards to buy upgrades and develop heroes. There are many items and weapons that each character has. You will work to use them wisely and develop them continuously at the end of each mission. Also, the game includes different places and scenes for battles to take place. For example, castles, buildings, and random events. Your strategy is not limited to managing battles only.

But you will manage items, resources, shields, and weapons. You must study your cards well before each battle. In addition to guessing the strength of your enemy to surprise him with a new hero that cannot be expected. The game was developed by “Thomas Wolfley”. Also, play Poker Quest online through your browser easily. It supports for many different platforms and operating systems.


Although poker cards are familiar to all players. But each card includes a different character with unique skills. So you will have under your control a group of legendary characters and monsters such as Knight, Rogue, Mage, Queen, Ninja, Druid, Titan, and others.

How To Play Poker Quest?

The control options in Poker Quest are very easy and depend on the mouse. You will click on the cards to view statistics and prepare for battles through the mouse. At the same time, apply your strategy during the battle and switch between cards and resources to suit your situation. Don’t forget to use rewards to develop cards and buy upgrades, equipment, and other items.


  • Amazing RPG game.
  • Legendary characters.
  • Strategic battles.
  • 52 powerful cards.
  • Great graphics.
  • Familiar gameplay.


Thomas Wolfley (Playsaurus)

Release Date

November 2019


Use the mouse to play.