Merge Dragons Unblocked

Merge Dragons

Merge Dragons Unblocked

Merge Dragons Unblocked is a very fun puzzle game. Get ready for an exciting adventure in secret lands and legendary dragon islands. Match items and objects to get a new, more powerful item. Explore a mysterious world Hidden among the clouds, Dragonia Valley flourishes. There are over 500 different pieces you can match. Enjoy 3D graphics, stunning views, and amazing effects while playing.

Introduce Merge Dragons

Merge Dragons Online is one of the adventure games that will bring you a lot of fun. Explore the mysterious land of dragons and move across the islands to search for stronger creatures. Mix animals, dragons, and different elements together to get a stronger item for your journey. This game includes many epic events and challenges.

Moreover, the gameplay includes a wonderful mix of matching and adventure games that will make you addicted to playing every day. Discover secrets and imagination as you build your camp in the mysterious land of dragons. Breed dragons, then evolve them to make them gain more skill and power. Train other creatures to fight, confront your enemies, and protect your own kingdom.

Your main mission in this game is to mix 3 or more items to get a unique, more powerful item. For example, mix dragon eggs, trees, treasures, stars, magical flowers, animals, Gaia statues, and other elements. Not only that, explore 80+ diverse levels that include more unparalleled items and dragons. Discover the statues of Gaia stuck in the cursed land in each new challenge.

In addition to 50+ breeds to train. Test your skills in solving puzzles, immerse yourself in daily missions, and collect rewards to purchase upgrades. Merge Dragons was developed by “Gram Games”, and a new version of the game is available that you can play online through your browser.

How To Play Merge Dragons?

Use the mouse to click and move items from one place to another. As Merge Dragons features a very simple gameplay. If you are familiar with matching games, this game is quite similar. Mix 3 or more items to get a new object with new abilities. Explore more lands and islands and complete difficult challenges. Get rewards, buy upgrades, and unlock and customize more new dragon breeds.


  • A mythical adventure game.
  • 500+ items to match.
  • 80+ levels.
  • Explore the amazing scenery.
  • 3D graphics.
  • Fun effects.
  • Complete the missions.

Release Date

June 28, 2017


Gram Games


Use the mouse to play.