Diddy Kong Racing Unblocked

Diddy Kong Racing

Diddy Kong Racing Unblocked

Diddy Kong Racing Unblocked is a legendary racing game. Get in your car and race through the amazing landscapes and try to reach the finish line in the fastest time. Go to Timber’s Island, collect golden balloons, bananas, and access different challenges. Explore 5 different worlds, 3D gameplay paths, and various maps. Unlock more new vehicles, characters, and upgrades. Enjoy entertaining gameplay and epic races that will bring you a lot of fun.

About Diddy Kong Racing

Diddy Kong Racing Online is one of the adventure games that you will love to try. Explore a beautiful world with stunning scenery, diverse maps, and many beautiful islands. Race against your opponents on winding tracks, collect rewards and bananas, and unlock new heroes and cars. This game was developed by “Rareware” for “Nintendo 64” for the first time in 1997. Also, the game features elements inspired by the Mario Kart series.

Not only that, but recently the game has become supported by many operating systems and has gained more popularity all over the world. The plot revolves around an evil intergalactic pig wizard named Wizpig, who is taking over Timber Island. Drumstick, which is one of the best contestants on the island, will advance. But he will fail the challenge and return to Future Fun Land after the magician turns him into a frog.

So you will start the challenge and race against other characters in 5 different worlds. Before starting the round you can choose from the main game modes. Including a multiplayer mode to challenge other players from around the world. There are 10 different characters, of which 8 can be unlocked.

In addition to different types of amazing vehicles that are characterized by strengths and weaknesses. If you are ready to take on this mission, choose your favorite character and start the race. Defeat all your opponents, collect the largest amount of bananas and rewards, and unlock more new items.

How To Play Diddy Kong Racing?

Diddy Kong Racing is not much different from regular racing games. Where you can control the cart with simple options from the two keyboards. In addition to a simple and easy main menu. Based on each situation you select your mission will be built. You must pass all your opponents before the finish line. At the same time, enjoy maneuvers and dodges, avoiding sharp corners and difficult paths. Not only that, but you will get power-ups, including missiles, bombs, super speed, and others.

Diddy Kong Racing Advantages


The most popular mode in this game is adventure mode. Where you can compete against your opponents in vast maps distributed over 5 worlds on different islands. In addition to the story mode to fight a legendary campaign full of challenges. There are some versions that include a multiplayer mode.


The game features a group of unique vehicles from which you will choose. In addition to more vehicles that you can unlock. For example, play with cars for land, helicopters for water or land, and planes for air. Each vehicle has unique characteristics for you to choose from before each race.


As we mentioned above, Diddy Kong Racing includes 10 familiar personalities. Such as the character of the evil pig, Banjo, Conker, Tiptup, and other characters. Some of these characters belong to the evil wizard, and others belong to the island and will face the invading enemies.


Once you start playing, you will enjoy unparalleled graphics. Which will take you back to the past with amazing Nintendo games that are loved by millions. In addition to beautiful scenery, attractive effects, 3D graphics, and a very fun soundtrack.


  • Legendary racing game.
  • 10 familiar characters.
  • 5 worlds to explore.
  • Various game modes.
  • Epic races.
  • Interesting gameplay.
  • Amazing graphics.



Release Date

November 21, 1997


Use the keyboard to play.

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