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Siren Head

Siren Head Unblocked

Siren Head Unblocked is one of the most terrifying and interesting survival games. Get ready to go on a new adventure in the scary forest and face the most huge and terrifying creatures. After your car broke down and you became stuck in the forest, there is nothing left between you and escape but this evil monster.

So carry your gun and try not to become a team and eliminate this giant and save your life. This game includes amazing gameplay with terrifying sound effects and high-quality graphics. In addition to the 3D design and control options that are familiar to everyone. Play Siren Head online through our website and enjoy this adventure.

About Siren Head Game

Siren Head is one of the action games that will lead you to a very terrifying adventure. Horror games are considered one of the most loved games by millions of players around the world. In addition, there are some survival and horror games that are considered among the most popular games on many different operating systems. You get an exciting and frightening feeling while playing, and adrenaline rushes through your veins, which puts you in a state of curiosity and anticipation in watching more events that you are a part of.

One of the most prominent of these games is Siren Head. Which was developed by Mirra Games and the updated version was published in 2022. The game’s events revolve around a legendary creature that existed on Earth long before humans. This creature lives in a dark forest on a highway. This monster has a frightening appearance, a thin body, tough skin, and disproportionately long limbs.

Not only that, but the most distinctive feature of this beast is its head. Instead of its head, it has two large whistles with sharp teeth. There is a legend that says that it stays in the forest and attracts the victim by issuing alarm sounds or sounds like those issued from a radio. Then the travelers advance towards him and he kills them. Unfortunately, your car will break down in this forest and you need to repair the car and cross the forest to escape from this predicament. So be a fearless hero, fight the evil monster, and find freedom.

How To Play Siren Head Online?

This game includes various elements in a very rich and interesting gameplay. Where you can use guns and weapons to shoot the monster. Siren Head includes a vast map of the countryside and the forest that you can explore. Also, the game includes easy control options.

Where you can use the WASD keys for movement and some other main control buttons that differ from one platform to another. The main goal in the game is to overcome your fear and try to survive and kill this scary creature. So if you are ready for this adventure, start playing now and enjoy Siren Head.


  • A scary and interesting horror game.
  • Explore the dark forest at night.
  • Try to survive.
  • be brave.
  • Eliminate one of the terrifying legendary monsters.
  • Majestic sound and visual effects.
  • High-quality graphics.
  • 3D modeling.
  • Easy control options.


  • Use the WASD, or arrow keys, or drag the left mouse button to move.
  • Left mouse button to shoot the monster.
  • G button to select gun.
  • Space bar to jump.
  • E button to interact.

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