Smash Your Computer
Smash Your Computer
Smash Your Computer

Smash Your Computer

Smash Your Computer Unblocked

Smash Your Computer Unblocked is one of the interesting simulation games. Where you can unleash your anger and negative charges on your personal computer and destroy it once and for all. After you are fed up with the technical problems in your device you are filled with anger. Then you will hit the screen, keyboard, and computer to run over it. This game contains a special kind of fun, and it also includes simple cartoon graphics. Play Smash Your PC online through our website and try this unique game.

About Smash Your Computer

Smash Your PC is a unique destroy your PC game. Sometimes we encounter a lot of technical problems with the personal computer while working or even during gaming and entertainment. Maybe this will drive you crazy! Yes, sometimes you become angry and filled with negative energy that will make you destroy your device. This is what you can do in playing Smash Your Computer.

After an annoying problem occurred on your device that put you in a miserable situation. Then you will punch the computer several times and break the screen and all other accessories in order to complete the mission and win. This game was published in 2018. Not only that, but enjoy playing online easily through your browser. Try this exciting game now and turn your computer into small pieces.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Smash Your Computer Online?

  • Give your computer punches and blows.
  • Disperse anger and negative energy.
  • Destroy the device into small pieces.
  • Complete the missions.


  • A unique simulation game.
  • Get rid of your stress and anger.
  • Smash your computer.
  • Direct punches to all parts.
  • Great sound effects.
  • Easy control options.