Superfighters Ultima Unblocked

Superfighters Unblocked is one of the most fun and interesting multiplayer fighting games. Where you can explore the 2D battlefields and fight against your opponents and enemies and eliminate them and avoid explosives and traps to win every battle. There are different types of weapons that you can use. Get into the dangerous arena of skilled superhero fighters to fight against enemies of different sizes.

Also, improve your stats and raise the level of play. Moreover, you can choose the appropriate game mode as you wish. The game includes different main game modes. The game will take you in simple and classic graphics and amazing visual and sound effects. In addition to the control is intuitive and familiar to all players. Enjoy playing online through your browser and have a good time-fighting.

About Superfighters Deluxe

Superfighters Online Multiplayer is a combat adventure game to shoot your opponents on different battlefields and enjoy the challenge. If you are a fan of classic fighting games in the cartoon style preferred by many users, then this game is perfect for you. The game includes 2D graphics, an enthusiastic soundtrack, and great effects inside the gameplay. You may have played the old versions of Metal Slug before, so you will find great similarities in the designs of this game with the series of Metal Slug games.

Also, this type of game is preferred by millions of players from around the world, and there are hundreds of games available on different operating systems. Superfighters is developed by Mythologic Interactive, and now the game is available online on our platform and you can play without downloading. You will be in front of an amazing challenge when you start playing. Your main task is to move across the platforms, explore the battlefield, and search for your opponents.

There is a variety of weapons that you can use to improve your stats and destroy all enemies. Also avoid explosives, dynamite, and other obstacles on your way. If you manage to beat your opponents, you can earn more points and rewards and use them to boost power and upgrades. Moreover, Superfighters includes several main game modes that you can choose from. Plus smooth control options for playing singles or playing with your friends.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Superfighters Online Multiplayer?

In order to enjoy playing Superfighters Ultima Online, you can enter the game from any modern web browser you have and start playing. At first glance, you will know that the gameplay is very simple and interesting. Once you click on play, the user interface of the game will open. Then you can choose two games to enjoy playing with your friends or family. After that, you can select the Stage mode to include you and your friend in your team as one and compete with many other opponents in epic battles.

Not only that, but select VS. mode, in this case, you can play against your friends and challenge more other players in multiplayer battles. You must avoid TNT boxes and bombs and use your skills to dodge and escape from your opponents. Also, apply your tactics to shoot your opponents and win every challenge. Take a look at the scoreboard through the TAB button. Or you can get progress information using the Space Bar button. There are no complications in the control options. To control Player 1 use the Arrow Keys keys. Also in order to control Player 2 use the keys W,A,S,D.


Epic Multiplayer Shooting Battles

Explore your skill in shooting your opponents in different platforms and places that are designed in an amazing cartoon style. In addition to classic 2D graphics, with great effects during combat. When you start your mission, go to confront your opponents and use different weapons and guns to shoot and explode your enemies. Also, avoid traps and explosives on your way to survival and victory.

Game Modes

Superfighters contain various main game modes that you can choose from. For example, play multiplayer mode against your opponents in fierce PVP and PVE battles. In addition to Stage mode to create a team with your friends and fight against others. Moreover, play PVP mode to play against your friend in 1v1 battles or more.


The graphics of the game are designed in the old style that is popular with many players. Where you can enjoy 2D cartoon graphics. In addition to the classic gameplay that includes great visual and sound effects. Moreover, enjoy a clean and rich user interface and very easy control options.


Player 1

  • Down arrow key to crouch or aim down
  • Up arrow key to jump or aim up
  • Left and right arrow keys to move
  • N to deal melee damage
  • , to throw a grenade
  • . to use power-up
  • M to shoot

Player 2

  • S to crouch or aim down
  • 1 to deal melee damage
  • 2 to shoot
  • 3 to throw a grenade
  • 4 to use power-up
  • W to jump or aim up
  • AD to move


  • Legendary combat battles.
  • Challenge your friends.
  • Use of various weapons.
  • Explore the battlefields.
  • Boost your strength and stats.
  • Choose the appropriate game mode.
  • Great sound effects.
  • Smooth control.
  • Classic graphics.