SuperHot Unblocked

SuperHot Unblocked is an interesting and unique shooting game with a creative and amazing design. The gameplay is based on a stylistic mix of gameplay and design, and is challenged with a unique gameplay mechanism and an attractive idea for playing. Where you will enjoy epic battles in real-time against opponents. Time just passes when you move. So use your moves and skills to look for the red polygonal enemies to smash them into pieces.

Also, explore the different levels of play and go to new places in search of your opponents. Every time you kill an enemy, they will drop weapons and equipment that you can pick up to boost your strength. Use a range of rifles and machine guns to blow up your enemies. Enjoy the slow-motion style in some scenes, which gives you a unique impression while playing. Moreover, the game includes high-quality graphics, amazing effects, and intuitive control options. Play SuperHot online for free now and enjoy the adventure.

About SuperHot

SuperHot Online is a fun FPS action game that will lead you to the most amazing stylistic battles. Nowadays, shooting games have the upper hand as the most popular games among gamers. Where you can have fun shooting your opponents, exploring the battlefields, and applying your tactics right now. Also, each player has a different style and strategy in maneuvering and testing, which makes you feel excited while playing. The more unique the game design, the more attractive it is. So you will explore an innovative SuperHot gameplay with amazing shooting elements that you have never experienced before. Superhot Team develops the game. This game is a free prototype designed as a demo for the full game.

The game also includes first-person FPS gameplay with a fantasy style and satisfying mechanics that will make you addicted. Your main task in the game is to search for the red characters to shoot them and break them into small pieces. Get weapons from your enemies as you take them out. As each player drops spoils and weapons after you destroy them. There are many guns, cannons, pistols, and crowbars that you can use. Also, explore various surreal levels on SuperHot and explore new places to play. Immerse yourself in stunning graphics, 3D designs, and beautiful colors. Plus smooth control is familiar to all players. Start the battle now and search for your enemies everywhere to destroy them.

Gameplay Video

How To Play SuperHot Online?

SuperHot Online Unblocked is a first-person FPS game. So the gameplay is probably familiar to many gamers. All you have to do is explore the different game locations and levels in search of your opponents. Use your running and jumping skills to reach your goals. Click to shoot the red-designed characters everywhere that look a bit vague. Every time you shoot and destroy your opponents, they will drop weapons and gifts that you can collect to enhance your strength. Line up and fire your shots when stationary and enjoy the Matrix-like slow-motion action.

The game depends on artificial intelligence, which makes the game more challenging and realistic. Plus time moves only when you move. This will make you benefit from every skill you perform. You can use WASD keys to control the main character. Plus learn new skills at every new level within the game. It might be a little difficult at first for beginners. But in a short time, you will understand how to play it, and you will create your own style of fighting and shooting. SuperHot includes a smooth and intuitive user interface that is familiar to all gamers.


Shoot The Red Characters

In each new level in the game, you can explore many different challenges and new enemies. So your main task in SuperHot is to shoot your opponents in red. You will find many of them in every battle. Use your skills and tactics and apply your style to destroy all opponents. Rely on your maneuvering and testing skills in order not to lose and enjoy the adventure.

Explore Various Surreal Levels

There are many challenges waiting for you, go in search of your enemies everywhere and explore new places and areas in each level. The game includes many surreal levels that get more difficult the more you progress in the game. Also, get more experience in each new level in order to be able to overcome difficult situations and win every challenge.


The combat equipment inside SuperHot is diverse and has a fundamental role in how far you excel at each level. The damaged power of each weapon you use differs from the other. You need a powerful weapon to destroy all your enemies. Moreover, pick up loot from your opponents when they are destroyed. For example, use pistols, machine guns, rifles, crowbars, and other weapons.


You will explore a new style of typical graphics within SuperHot. The game includes stunning graphics with creative and unique designs, especially in shooting and action games. In addition to 3D figures and amazing visual and sound effects during combat. Also, the control options are easy and familiar with an intuitive user interface.


  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • RMB to throw a gun
  • Space bar to jump
  • LMB to shoot


  • Shoot your opponents everywhere.
  • Destroy the red characters into small pieces.
  • Get more loot.
  • Use a variety of guns.
  • Explore the different levels of play.
  • Apply your style and tactics during the battles.
  • Enjoy the sound effects.
  • High-quality graphics.
  • Easy control.