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The Skull Kid
The Skull Kid

The Skull Kid

The Skull Kid Unblocked

The Skull Kid Unblocked is a bloody and interesting action game. Where you control a small child with a skull-shaped head to explore the different floors in a building. Your main mission is to destroy, cut, and kill everything in your path and nothing else. So you can grab your chainsaw and go ahead to destroy everything in your path.

Cut furniture and chop up employees and characters on your way. When your first mission is completed, you will reach the elevator door and move to the second floor in a new mission. Also using various weapons such as rifles, pistols, saws, etc. This game has simple graphics and easy control options. Play The Skull Kid online through our website and enjoy the best experience.

About The Skull Kid

The Skull Kid Online is a violent and epic killing game. This game can fall under the category of horror games, as it includes a very bloody and evil game. Although there are many people who do not prefer these games. But there are many players who prefer to have a good time playing horror games. This game is adapted from the titular novel that was published by Corded in 2002.

The main character in the game is a child carrying a saw and a head that resembles a skull. Although the gameplay is simple, it will bring you a unique feeling while playing and terrifying at the same time. Go on your way and cut everything from the furniture, the table, the paintings, the pot, and more.

Not only that, but you can also block characters around you, employees, and the manager. Moreover, you can use pistols and rifles to destroy everything in your paths. Start playing now and enjoy this interesting game.

Gameplay Video

How To Play The Skull Kid Online?

The Skull Kid Zelda has a simple game that does not require many skills in shooting or using a chainsaw. For example, use the directional keys to move. In addition to the space bar so you can destroy items. When you start playing Skull Kid, you will be on the first floor of a building. Your main task is to break and chop everything in your path, even employees.

When you reach the end of the mission, you will enter the elevator door to be taken to the second floor. In this mission, you will use a gun instead of a saw. So shoot everything in your path until you reach the end of the challenge. And so on until you reach the third floor and the next floor. Start this violent game and cut all the items in your way.


  • Unique bloody game.
  • Cut everything in your path.
  • Shoot the employees.
  • Cut off the director’s head.
  • Explore the different floors.
  • Cartoon graphics.
  • Easy control options.
  • Visual effects.