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War Simulator
War Simulator

War Simulator

War Simulator Unblocked

War Simulator Unblocked is a very fun strategic battle game. Where you can build your army, arrange your units, and lead battles in your own style. In addition to applying your strategy and tactics in each mission. Set your profiles as you wish. There are options at the top left of the screen that allow you to appoint archers, warriors, and other units.

Every army has strengths and weaknesses that you must know before every battle. If you can achieve victory in each battle, you can get more points and move to the next level. This game includes great graphics and easy control options. Play War Simulator online through our website and enjoy the best experience.

About War Simulator Game

War Simulator Online is one of the wonderful war games in which you can simulate classic battles of armies. There is no doubt that war games are considered one of the best action games and intense battles that are preferred by millions of users around the world. Where you can build your army and forces and use military plans to implement them on the battlefield. In addition to defeating your enemies, developing your abilities, and becoming invincible.

One of the most prominent of these games is War Simulator. The game was developed by FreezeNova, and this game was published in 2018. At present, you can play online through any web browser you have. Because the game has become available in HTML 5 format and you can play online easily. Your main task on War Simulator is to organize your formations of soldiers, archers, and fighters before the battle begins.

After that, everything that happens will depend on the plan you chose before the start of the battle. You must devise a correct strategy to defeat the opposing army and achieve victory. There are more than 10 different missions including epic battles to fight. Also, enjoy the game graphics and effects around you and explore different gaming environments. Start this combat adventure now and defeat all armies.

Gameplay Video

How To Play War Simulator Online?

War Simulator is considered one of the tactical war games that will bring you a lot of fun while playing. Where you can build your army, appoint your forces and units, and organize formations in designated places according to your desire. You will be able to choose different formations for your soldiers to line up in before each battle. There are 3 different types of units.

For example, archers, warriors, and spear bearers. Depending on your choices, you can place your ranks and use your tactics for each battle. Also, you will enjoy playing in 3 different playing environments and new places in each level. One of the most important features of War Simulator is the ability to use 3D rendering to investigate your formations. Start this battle now and become invincible.


  • Epic combat battle game.
  • Organize your formations before battle.
  • Develop your units and attack style.
  • Use your war strategy to manage the battle.
  • 10 playing levels are waiting for you.
  • 3 different playing environments.
  • Wonderful cartoon characters.
  • 3D graphics.
  • Easy control options.

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