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Whack Your Boss
Whack Your Boss

Whack Your Boss

Whack Your Boss Unblocked

Whack Your Boss Unblocked is one of the simple and unique action games. Where you can get rid of work pressures and provocative situations from your boss by playing this game. It includes unique and mysterious gameplay. Click on the different objects on the screen and use them to hit your boss. At each new stage, you can use new tactics to crush your boss at work.

Although it is an entertaining and enjoyable game, it is not recommended for children because it contains violence and beatings. This game contains monochrome graphics of black and white, matter, and some other simple colors. Also, the characters are designed in a wonderful cartoon way. Plus sound and visual effects are quite appropriate. Play Whack Your Boss online through our website and enjoy the best experience.

About Whack Your Boss

Whack Your Boss All 27 Way is one of the great card games that you can play. Often during work, you encounter some provocative and unsatisfactory situations from your colleagues at work or your boss at work. Sometimes you control your anger, and sometimes you think of revenge, which changes your mood and makes you feel nervous and unfocused at work. Therefore, through Whack Your Boss unblocked 6x, you can release your negative energy in the game, get rid of stress and relax. As the idea of the game depends on hitting your boss at work severely in every mission of the game. In exchange for collecting rewards and playing points. The game is developed by Tom Winkler.

Now this game is available online for free and you can play without any problems. You must score the highest score in each stage of the game. Use new techniques and different tools to hit the boss at work. There are no weapons, only real office supplies, sticks, and other tools you can use. The game will take you in a unique world and simple graphics. In addition to the amazing sound and visual effects during the game. Despite this, the game includes entertaining gameplay, a smooth user interface, and a rich screen that includes many things and options. Get ready to play now and develop your style to take revenge on your boss.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Whack Your Boss Online?

When you start playing, you will find at the top of the screen the score number that you registered while playing. In each new stage, you will use various tools to hit your boss. Knock him down and get the biggest score you can score. Explore the different game levels and use the various house tools to beat your boss into action. In each stage, there are several levels.

You must get all the points to win the challenge. This game will relieve you of stress during work without harming the soul. Some ways to hit the boss are harder to find than others, but keep looking. This game allows you to release all your inner frustration about your workplace. Start the adventure now and enjoy the game.


  • Hit your boss.
  • Use different methods and tools.
  • Get rid of work stress.
  • Enjoy simple graphics.
  • Cartoon characters.
  • Sound and visual effects.
  • Easy control.