Zombocalypse Unblocked

Zombocalypse Unblocked is one of the most interesting and entertaining zombie games. Where you can pick up your weapon and head into the apocalypse battles against the hordes and zombies scattered everywhere. Move horizontally left and right and use a variety of weapons to destroy zombies everywhere. Get power-ups and bonuses that fall from above.

Don’t give a chance to zombies to get close to you, blow heads and destroy everything in your path, and explore more difficult challenges. One of the best features of the game is the beautiful 2D cartoon graphics with classic and beautiful visual and sound effects. Play Zombocalypse online through our website and embark on an exciting adventure to protect the world.

About Zombocalypse

Zombocalypse Online is an action and shooting game that will lead you into the most epic zombie battles. There is no doubt that zombie games have fun and attractiveness, especially while playing. It is also considered one of the most popular types of games at the present time on many operating systems. Also, zombie games are preferred by millions of players from around the world. Where you live a wonderful mythical atmosphere in an attempt to survive among the zombie monsters.

In addition to using your own style to defend yourself and destroy your enemies everywhere and use different types of protective weapons. If you want to live this amazing adventure in one of the best zombie games. Then you can play Zombocalypse Now. This game was developed by IronZilla in 2011. Throughout this period, the game has attracted great popularity among users and has been supported by many different platforms.

Your main task is to launch across different platforms and corridors to shoot zombies. Zombocalypse includes a variety of weapons, including rifles, machine guns, bombs, machetes, knives, and more. During the battle, many items, aids, and power-ups will fall on you from above. Explore different game levels and destroy all zombies on your way.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Zombocalypse Online?

The game has a rich screen and a small and cute character that you can control. Zombocalypse is a platform game so you will move left and right only horizontally. At the same time, zombies will come from all directions, so you must be more focused in order not to become a prey for them. Use the normal game keys to move and shoot. Also, move quickly towards the rewards that fall randomly to enhance your strength and obtain more powerful weapons.

There are a lot of rifles, pistols, machine guns, knives, grenades, and other powerful weapons that you will use to destroy zombies. The mission will become more difficult as you move forward. But you will live a wonderful atmosphere with a variety of maps, new places and different environments. Start the adventure now and enjoy the battles of the end of the world.


  • Epic apocalypse battles.
  • Shoot zombies everywhere.
  • Use an arsenal of powerful weapons.
  • Get great boosts and rewards.
  • Explore play maps.
  • Enjoy amazing sound effects.
  • Beautiful graphics.
  • Very easy control.